Jan 30, 2013

Electric Blue

Is it just me or is Chilly Manila gone? Where did it go? It left us when we asked it to stay, and it came when we didn't even ask it to. HAHAHA. Lol, whuuut? Pardon my cuh-raay-zee mind. Oh well, let's just be contented with what we have, alright? If we are good with that, then I think we can proceed to my outfit post. :)
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@thejjjaaaccc on both platforms), then you might have seen my post that says that I'm back to my first love: NEUTRALS! There is really something nice about things in neutral colors, it's really relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. 
Neutral colored clothes are really easy to style, play around with and best to use when experimenting. But in this post, I chose to turn things up a bit by wearing my soon-to-die-because-its-so-overused electric blue flats.Can you blame me? They're just too comfortable and chic. O.O
You don't usually see me wear skirts, but when I do, it's either I have to or I just love the skirt a lot, in this case, it's the latter. Well, who wouldn't? The print is super pretty and the material used is just...❤. It leaves me speechless. HAHAHA. Oh and this used to belong to Kryz Uy, I bought this during Bloggers United 4.
Skirt - Cotton On (Kryz Uy's) | Loafers - Cotton On | Gold Leaves Necklace - AI Online Shop | Handcuffs Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts | Watch - Singapore

February is fast approaching dearies! It's the month of love, so let's spread the love, not hate or legs or anything else you shouldn't spread. Just LOVE. Okay? 

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  1. Oh wow, that is electric blue!! Great choie! I love the contrast to the rest of the outfit!

    Btw, easy giveaway is up on my blog! Win a Turquoise Sirena Bracelet!