Oct 31, 2011

Last Day of October

Jaren Railey, my cousin's son
The Heritage Park
Pardon my messy nail polish. Red: Wet n' Wild Rouge Rouge, Blue: Caronia Dare Frosted
(L-R) Me, Ate Rose, Coleen, Ate Acel, Ate Apple.

This day was filled with awesome adventures. First, we went to Heritage Park at Taguig. It was surprisingly fun (because of the rain). Then afterwards, we went back home then went to "Dangwa". Dangwa is the "Flower Market of Manila". So, I am so tired but, at the end of the day I just looked back on the things that happened earlier, and then I just realized - What a Fun day. 

Oct 30, 2011

Thousand Teas

Mocha something from Thousand Teas
(On Every Pic: Left-Basco, Right-ALbert)
Thousand Teas, the branch we visited was at Mezza Residences. I'm not a big fan of tea. But I still enjoyed our stay there, thanks to my best buds (Albert & Basco). Thanks Guys! I really had fun. :]

Busy Night

Today is actually a busy day/night. From morning-night-dawn. 
First Stop: Pancit Malabon. Country's Best. :]
Watch from Tomato, Camera Specs Baller, Antique ring
Bag: unknown brand, Top from Tomato

Then we went to Makati and stayed at my grandma's house for about 2-3 hours. I got bored, so I took some pictures. Then at 11pm, went straight to the airport. 

This was taken at PTT Gasoline Station. "Customer is King" AWESOME! :]

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Oct 26, 2011

SnapShot: Varsity Jacket (1)

I got the inspiration from Andy's Flash Series

I named mine "SnapShot", and I don't know why. It just popped out of my mind. 
SnapShot will be the tag for my own portraits. Portraits which are done because of boredom or any other reason. 
And to start it off, I painted my face with Cover Girl Eyeliner and Wet n' Wild Lipstick.

Oct 25, 2011

Love On Top

This is actually what I wore last Saturday.
Skirt from Aeropostale, Top from Penshoppe
Hype it on Lookbook

Rings (L-R) 4 Stars - S.O.A, Animal Print - Girl Shoppe,
Stacked Rings - Forever21, Camera Ring, - Forum

Oct 23, 2011

Young, Wild and Free

Last Night... One of the most epic nights of my life. Went to Tomas Morato because t'was my the birthday of my friend's friend. (Get That? Hahaha.) Anyway, I was given the chance to meet these AWESOME people. 

Aldrin. Andrei. Cholo. Babs. Kester. Gyra. Resty. Dominic.
Matsu. JM. Gene. Trixa. Nicole. Narix. Justine. Tep. Rayn. Glenn.
Bien. Nica. Johnston.
(I forgot some of them, but anyway, I hope I got their names right :])

The whole night was EPIC! Actually, we went to 5 places. We first went to Guilly's, but since it was still closed by the time we arrived, we stayed at Gerry's Grill and waited for it to open. Then at 11pm we entered Guilly's. As far as I can remember it was 12 midnight when they decided to move to the next spot, Flux. But since the place is overloaded with dancing and party people we decided to go out and then we went to Perfect Spot. We stayed there for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then, went back again to Flux, then finally ate our super duper early breakfast at McDonalds. 
I just want them to know that they are just some of the AWESOMEST people I've met. Melovesyowguys! Hope to see you again soon. :] 

Oct 21, 2011


Yesterday was Eunice's Birthday. She just turned 19. She is one of the best buddies I have. Simply because we both love YTF (Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, Chester See, D-Trix, Victor Kim, JR Aquino, Andrew Garcia)- Youtubers, nail arts, fashion, tumblr and more stuffs.
 We surprised her with some books that she loves. We handed over a crumpled envelope with the Coloring Book inside it, well, that was just for fun. After a while, we then handed over another book placed inside a little paper bag. The book is "Eve" by Anna Carey. 

(L-R: Mae, Chot, Eunice, Me, Anne)
Then, we just sat there and laughed, talked, took pictures, then we have to part ways. :] I hope you liked our simple surprise. :]  MelovesyowEuniceMarie. 

Growing Collection

I didn't post this to brag or anything. I just thought that I can use this post to see how much my accessories collection will grow. 

Peacock, Large Lavender Stone, 3 Black Studs, Blue Rectangular Shaped, Blue Circle, Grey Oblong, Star and Heart Fancy rings, White Skull, Jelly rings - all of those were given to me.
Camera Ring - Gozum Show Room
2 Ribbons, Black Flower, Blue Flower- Thrift Stores
5 Gold Stars, Blue Glasses - S.O.A Greenhills
Gold Stacked Rings - Forever 21

3 Bruno Mars Ballers - I Bought them Online (Here, and i can't remember the other 2)
"I Got Swag" - I got it from a friend
"Never will I leave you; never will i forsake you-God" Baller - bought from a friend
"Run for a Greener Life" - Free from the Fun Run I attended
"JAC @ 18" - My Debut Souvenir
Colorful Ballers - Bought from a friend
Plain Blue Baller - friendship bands, I think it was from "Worlds of Fun"

Jelly and Silly Bands

5-Strap Watch from Tomato

Bangles - Mostly gifts

Beaded Bracelets

Random Bands

(From Top Left Clockwise)
3 Rayban Shades, Flywear, Reading Glasses, Clear Rayban Glasses, Anne Klein Shades, Unknown Shades with Orange Lenses.

(From Top Left Clockwise)
Dangling Earrings, Feather Earrings, Studs: As you can clearly see with my studs,i don't have any pair that matches. Well, except for one, but all of them are random earrings, it's either I lost the other half or I really bought it that way.


So basically, I started collecting or buying my accessories since I was in High School. And since I am boyish and so back then, I wasn't interested with them. But now, oh nooo! I'm crazy about them, specially with Rings. So, there you have it. My growing collection of accesories.

Oct 18, 2011

Unplanned Visit

Today I went to Baclaran with my good and awesome friend Anne.
Actually it was unplanned, but who cares? We had fun and we gave ourselves a treat.
So, here's what I got
An Umbrella by Michaela.

"Corduroy" shorts.
And here is the best part... I bought myself a Mac Eye/Lip Liner
And a Mac Lipstick.
So, to sum it all up: we had fun and we will surely come back and visit that place again. (specially the MAC STORE. :])

Oct 16, 2011


So this is how my blog looks right now. I created this at about 15 minutes ago (Oct. 16, 2011 Sunday). I've been inspired by some bloggers such as Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Camille Co. They all have fashion blogs. And I'm amazed by how far they've reached. So there ya go! :]