Jan 30, 2013

Electric Blue

Is it just me or is Chilly Manila gone? Where did it go? It left us when we asked it to stay, and it came when we didn't even ask it to. HAHAHA. Lol, whuuut? Pardon my cuh-raay-zee mind. Oh well, let's just be contented with what we have, alright? If we are good with that, then I think we can proceed to my outfit post. :)
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@thejjjaaaccc on both platforms), then you might have seen my post that says that I'm back to my first love: NEUTRALS! There is really something nice about things in neutral colors, it's really relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. 
Neutral colored clothes are really easy to style, play around with and best to use when experimenting. But in this post, I chose to turn things up a bit by wearing my soon-to-die-because-its-so-overused electric blue flats.Can you blame me? They're just too comfortable and chic. O.O
You don't usually see me wear skirts, but when I do, it's either I have to or I just love the skirt a lot, in this case, it's the latter. Well, who wouldn't? The print is super pretty and the material used is just...❤. It leaves me speechless. HAHAHA. Oh and this used to belong to Kryz Uy, I bought this during Bloggers United 4.
Skirt - Cotton On (Kryz Uy's) | Loafers - Cotton On | Gold Leaves Necklace - AI Online Shop | Handcuffs Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts | Watch - Singapore

February is fast approaching dearies! It's the month of love, so let's spread the love, not hate or legs or anything else you shouldn't spread. Just LOVE. Okay? 

Jan 27, 2013

Unknown Audrey

Fresh Facts about a Familiar Icon

The image of Audrey Hepburn is a perpetual presence in the world of fashion. While her face and fashions are extremely familiar, the woman behind them is less well known.

She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for playing the role of blind woman in 1967′s Wait Until Dark. Her convincing performance suggests that she was sensitive to a world where appearances are irrelevant, and her head was never turned by the global admiration of her beauty.
Hepburn was dressed by the world’s finest designers but was more than capable of shining in the most mundane garments. For example, she looks radiant in a wet and shapeless trench coat in the final scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which may well have influenced the current trend for trenches. These stylish belted macs are evidence of how this classic coat style has been updated to flatter the female form: take a look at Very.co.uk’s collection of trench coats, for samples.

Audrey Hepburn’s first passion was not modelling or acting, but ballet. She was prevented from pursuing a career as a prima ballerina due to her height; she was too tall to be lifted easily by contemporary male dancers. Her slight frame was established in adolescence, when she endured malnutrition in Holland during the Second World War.
In adulthood Audrey dined like an Italian: pasta was a daily ritual. Her recipes are included in a very personal tribute by her son Sean Hepburn, entitled Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit. Among her favourite dishes were spaghetti al pomodoro and vanilla ice cream with maple syrup. Audrey had a sweet tooth and a soft spot for animals. On set she was always accompanied by a pet dog, and in 1958 she adopted a tame fawn called Pippin. The actress was also dedicated to child welfare: she spent the last five years of her life in developing countries working for UNICEF.
The iconic image of Audrey Hepburn has obscured some of the lesser known aspects of her personality, and her compassion and vitality should be celebrated as much as her exquisite appearance in the little black dress.

Jan 26, 2013

In Town

Too bad you guys can't read whatever it is that's written on my back. Well, to everyone who can't figure it out , the back of my shirt says "We May Be The Only Phone Company In Town" - and that's where I got my post title. Oh and let me correct myself, this isn't my shirt, this is my boyfriend's. I told you I love wearing guys' shirt. 
Another thing, have you watched Pitch Perfect? I'm currently obsessing over Beca and the whole of Barden Bellas, they're all so pretty and talented. I think i've watched the movie 7592758724 times. HAHAHA. Lol, I kid. But I think I won't get tired of this movie, it's Aca-awesome! See! I'm too obsessed with it! Oh and FYI, i'm currently listening to their Finale performance as I type this  (downloaded and synced). :P
Enough of my addicition. Can you still remember this too-pretty-for-words necklace? This is the one that I got from Anastasia Siantar's Booth during the BU3. Hello Anastasia (FC Mode)! :)
Necklace - BU3 (Anastasia Siantar's) | Shoes - Converse | Rings & Shorts - Greenhills

Don't forget to check out Nail It!'s website. You can now reserve online! So, what are you waiting fooooor? Check it out now! :) 
Hope you're enjoying the weekend! Have a great one ahead! :)

Jan 19, 2013


Have you been experiencing a blissful life? (This question is answerable by yes and of course!) :) I would love it if the world would suddenly feel all carefree and excited. Happiness comes from within. So, to feel genuinely happy, you should have a heart that would look forward to seeing the sunlight after a gloomy day. Omit the negative and focus on the positive! Are we clear with that? HAHAHA. 
Okay, okay. Enough of the "happiness" stuff. So, I actually wore this cozy outfit to do some errands and last-minute stuff. What could go wrong with a cropped top and shorts? :) Ms. Comfy is (definitely) back! 
Manila's weather has been really shocking! Mornings are now colder than ever (which makes getting-out-of-bed, harder than the usual). And don't get me started with night-time! I'm not complaining, I actually wish this weather would stay with us up to March! Then give way to...SUMMER! 
Bought these electric blue babies during my recent trip to Malaysia. I actually have another pair in black. :) 
Top & Watch- Singapore | Shoes - Cotton On | Bag - hand-me-down | Necklace - AI Online Shop | Gold Bracelet - DIY

How are you guys spending the weekend? Hope y'all would have a great one!

Jan 16, 2013

Travel Diary: Malaysia

Heyaaaaaa! I'm back! Well, I didn't go anywhere, but my schedule made me feel the need to go somewhere far and come back after a month or two. HAHAHA. Anyway, as promised, here it is, my Malaysia Travel Diary. Just like my first Singapore Travel Diary, this will be very short and this will be the only entry for Malaysia. We stayed there for a day and we actually did....nothing. HAHAHA. Let me take you to a short trip to Malaysia! 

This is how Johor Bahru looks like. If you guys don't know, from Singapore, you can take a bus to Malaysia. It's very accessible. But from Johor Bahru, it'll take you around 4 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur -where the Petronas Towers is. 
Upon arriving, we went straight to KFC to eat our lunch. I was amazed and at the same time shocked with what I saw. That little container contains veggies and the bigger one contains the rice. Weird huh? No? Well, I thought that was weird. 
See! I wasn't lying. HAHAHA. :P
And here are more photos of the streets of Malaysia. 

I beg your pardon if you find this blog post "empty". Well, there wasn't much to see and do at Johor Bahru. We stayed at the mall, in our hotel room and that's pretty much, it. Oh well, i'll be back Malaysia! Wait for me.

Jan 14, 2013

Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 4)

Before anything else, let me inform you that these all happened during CHRISTMAS DAAAY! Hahaha. Yes, I love Christmas and it sucks that Singapore's Christmas is very (when I say very, I mean super!) different from ours. Anyway, let's get down to business! 

The ticket to Sentosaaa! Oh I miss that place. ♥
When going to the Sentosa Island, you have two options: it's either you take their free train or ride on the cable car. So, being first-timers, we chose the CABLE CAR! 
If you guys don't know, I USED to have this fear of heights (Acrophobia). I think my love for roller-coaster rides helped me conquer that fear. Now, I'm as fearless as a lion! HAHAHA. Lol, what? 
These are the sights you'll see! Sentosa is breathtaking even from afar! Can you spot Mommy Merlion in the photos? :) 
And here she is! Mommy Merlion! Her baby is somewhere near Marina Bay Sands. If you want to see her, click here.
My favorite! LUGE! Gaaaahd. I really wish we have one like it here in the Philippines. 
To get to the top you have to take the Sky Ride, and what goes up must come down, so the "down-part" is where the luge comes in.
Sentosa Beach! My cousin told me that the sand in Sentosa Beach was imported, it came from the land down under, Australia. Cool huh? 
Next stop...Underwater World.
As shocking as it may sound, peacocks were actually scattered everywhere. We spotted this one on the roof. Look at its pretty tail feathers. ♥
Since we were inside the Underwater World, I was able to spot these weird/cute looking animals. 
This is a crab. Well, it doesn't look like one, but I swear, that is a real crab. 
Believe it or not, that is a seahorse. It can actually pass off as a seaweed. HAHAHA.
And this photo cracks me up everytime! HAHAHA. It looks so... well...FUNNY! A fish that has a face of a human. 
And of course, Jellyfiiiish! 
They also have a Dolphin and Sea Lion show. I'll never get tired of watching dolphins and sea lions doing tricks. There's something about them that fascinates me. 
Say Hi to this cutie patootie! Sucks that I forgot her name. 
Last stop... Universal Studios. 
This actually breaks my heart, we weren't able to enter the Universal Studios, since my cousins/other relatives have been there and it would cost them a lot if they enter it again. Anyway, if you'll look on the bright side (that's what I usually do), this means we would HAVE to go back to Singapore. HAHAHA. Boo-yah! 

That's it for my Singapore Travel Diary. Next Stop... Malaysia.
More about that and my adventures on my next post.
Travelling is really fun. Aside from the fact that you'd get the chance to see pretty places, you also get the chance to experience different cultures and meet people. I would love to visit more places this year and create more memories!