Jan 3, 2013

Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 1)

How are you guys doing? Is 2013 treating you right? I hope everyone's having a great time! Anyway, if you've read my previous posts, you'd probably know that I visited Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is a very clean country. Very refreshing and calming. This makes me want to go back. HAHAHA. Anyway, let me take you to a very short "Virtual Trip" to Singapore.

For our first day, we went to Little India, and I think the name of the place speaks for itself. ♥ We just saw this eye-catching structure while on our way to Mustafa, and I couldn't stop myself from taking a photo. 
Singapore also has lots of shopping center. And that made my heart skip a beat. Malls are actually situated almost beside each other. ♥ This huge Christmas Tree greeted us upon arriving at the City Square Mall. 
And look what I found inside? A very feather-y tree! Isn't this adorbs? 
And this is what I call heaven. HAHAHA. Lol. I actually posted this photo on my Instagram (@thejjjaaaccc). The amount of shoes in Mustafa Center is too damn high! HAHAHAHA. 
Tourist Mode: ON! Camera: ü | Shades: ü | Map: ü ! 
Oh and look at all those shoes? O.O

Told you this is going to be short. But I hope you still enjoyed it. I'll show you more of Singapore on my next posts. Enjoy the day! Smile and spread the good vibes. ♥


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  2. Love the 1. pic!!


  3. how much is the shoes on musatafa center?