Jan 11, 2013

Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 3)

If you're the type who wants to just sit down, read a book and spend the rest of the day chillin' like a villain, this place is the best for you! The Singapore Botanical Garden!  
Everything looks so serene and yes, there are no entrance fees. 
The closest thing we can get to seeing Chundy (my Dachshund) and her naughty babies. 
Hello Chundy! Mommy loves you! ♥
Who wouldn't feel relaxed at a place like this? It's like a forest-slash-park-slash-everything-in-between. HAHAHA. 
There is also a swan lake inside the garden. Well, this garden is super huge! It can pass off as a forest.
Oh and we spotted this cute little turtle! ♥
I'm inlove with this epicly-huge tree. Well, can you imagine how big it is? No? Just look how tiny those humans look. Bizarre. 
Since, we aren't the "chillin' like a villain" type of people, we decided to leave the Botanical Garden and head on over to the Merlion. Look at how pretty everything looks! And please forgive my crappy photography, my camera is actually bitching on me. :(
Finally! The ever-so-famous Merlion! Hello Baby Merlion! Yes, that's the baby. Mommy Merlion is at Sentosa. And she is soooo big! I'll show you Mommy on my next Singapore Travel Diary. 

That's it for now! I'll show you more on my next post. Have a great day ahead! TGIF! 
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