Jan 19, 2013


Have you been experiencing a blissful life? (This question is answerable by yes and of course!) :) I would love it if the world would suddenly feel all carefree and excited. Happiness comes from within. So, to feel genuinely happy, you should have a heart that would look forward to seeing the sunlight after a gloomy day. Omit the negative and focus on the positive! Are we clear with that? HAHAHA. 
Okay, okay. Enough of the "happiness" stuff. So, I actually wore this cozy outfit to do some errands and last-minute stuff. What could go wrong with a cropped top and shorts? :) Ms. Comfy is (definitely) back! 
Manila's weather has been really shocking! Mornings are now colder than ever (which makes getting-out-of-bed, harder than the usual). And don't get me started with night-time! I'm not complaining, I actually wish this weather would stay with us up to March! Then give way to...SUMMER! 
Bought these electric blue babies during my recent trip to Malaysia. I actually have another pair in black. :) 
Top & Watch- Singapore | Shoes - Cotton On | Bag - hand-me-down | Necklace - AI Online Shop | Gold Bracelet - DIY

How are you guys spending the weekend? Hope y'all would have a great one!

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