Sep 17, 2013

Random Thought

I've been thinking, should I start blogging without thoughts (just photos) or maybe just input a little bit? I've been really busy and most of the time my brain can't handle thinking after work. I mean, my brain needs to rest. Haha. For example, now! I'm currently in a shoot (associate styling) for a catalog and I found time to type this down very quick. Because if I don't, these photos will remain in my computer, hidden then eventually, i'll forget about it. Anyway, hope everyone's doing alright! Keep safe! 
Can I just say that I'm awfully in love with this top (and to each and every piece of clothing I have in my closet)!! Thanks to PersunMall! They have all sorts of cute and fashionable items! Check them out now! 
This pair of fancy shoes were given to me by my love! Thanks, Babe! ♥
Top & Leaf Bangle - PersunMall | Shoes - (Gift) Parisian

Til next time! 

Sep 2, 2013

Don' Let Go

I strongly believe in the saying, "Things happen for a reason." May it be meeting or losing someone, being late for a meeting, getting a new job, skipping a train and whatever you can think of. The difficult part is, you wouldn't know if it's for the better of the worst. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you should never let go of your dreams. Never! Just keep the faith and be optimistic about it.
Moving on... If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@jac_pequena) then you already know what's keeping me busy these past couple of weeks. I'm currently a freelance stylist and it can be really stressful and lakas maka-haggard! Haha. So I make sure that I wear the comfiest clothes but still remain chic and presentable. 
I'm currently addicted to all things camo! There's something about it that's so appealing. ♥ Thanks to Ms. Evan of Indie-Go Boutique for this amazing pair of jeans. :)
And since, i'll be walking around and assisting people/celebs with their clothes, I make sure that I'm wearing comfy shoes as well. :)
Pants - Indie-Go Boutique | Shoes - Solemate | Bracelet - DIY

I'm really trying to squeeze in blogging. Hope y'all understand. Have a great week ahead! 
Photos taken by Melai Entuna! Thanks! :)

Aug 23, 2013

Logbook: July 12 - August 18

I've finally found time to share with everyone what I've been up to this past couple of weeks. A lot of things has happened and i'm not complaining. Not even a bit. I actually feel so blessed that I got the chance to work with these wonderful human beings. Anyway, let's get started...

JULY 12: Styling: Solenn Heussaff's Diva MV

July 21: Styling: Solenn Heussaff's Birthday Prod at Sunday All-Stars

July 27: Modeling: For the re-launch of an online shop 
With Bestie, Ann, Arnie and Charles

August 2: Styling: Wagas (Lita-Rey) with Sam Pinto and Neil Sese

August 10: Styling: Wagas (Regine and Lander) with Bela Padilla and Rodjun Cruz

August 13: Styling: Solenn Heussaff for Fashbook

August 16: Styling: Fashion Exchange Catalog

July 19, August 07, 11, 18: Wardrobe Styling: Relaks Its Just Pag-ibig with Sofia Andres, IƱigo Pascual, Julian Estrada and many more.
Photo taken at Jala-Jala, Rizal

I'll try to do this every week or whenever I can. HAHA :)

Jul 30, 2013


I won't say that I am back, but let's just hope that the blogger bug will stay with me longer. Oh gosh, I missed blogging big time! I just don't have time to take photos or even think of a blog worthy outfit! Anyway, enough of the drama. 
Notice anything different? Yes? No? Hahaha. Okay, it's the wall!! I was in the mood and decided to add some decorations. I'm thinking of adding more. Any suggestions? I also thought that the decorations complimented my outfit very well. It's very quirky and fun! 
I actually got this "scalloped-cropped sweater-top" from Bea Benedicto's booth last BU5. The color is very pleasing to the eyes and the cut is sooo cute!! I wanted the top to be the focal point, so I paired it with white shorts and white sneakers. 
Another obsession!! Fujifilm Instax 7s! I've had this baby for quite a long time now and I thought it's about time to give this little one the spotlight! Oh and it perfectly matched the theme for today's outfit! 
Can I just say that I'm currently obsessed with 926727372 other things!!! Hahaha. I've been doing lots of DIY projects and these bracelets are to die for (or maybe not)! It takes me about 5-10 minutes to make one. 

Too bad you can't see the details of my necklace. But I swear it will appear in my upcoming Snapshot post. You better watch out for that. :)
Can you blame me? I was feeling all giddy and quirky!! Hahaha. 

Anyway, I've been doing lots of things lately. Things that I truly love. Will post details soon. :) For now, let's just be thankful for everything that has and will happen. Keep it comin'! I'm very much ready for it! <3

Jul 9, 2013

Another Chapter

After countless years of thinking, I've finally came up with a decision and chose to blog about this! Why did it take me too long to decide? Well, first of all, I thought this shoot was quite "daring". You'd usually see me in a top + shorts combo. And I've said (for a million times) that I'm more on the casual side. So this is really new to me. I looked so... (as they say) Fierce and Edgy! But i'm not complaining! Just look at how the photos turned out. I have to thank Genstein Yuzon (Hair & Make-up) and Chrysler Malinay (photo). You make a great team! :) Thanks a lot. ♥
Moving on... Today is the start of another chapter in my life. I'm leaving the "teen" bracket and moving to the young adults bracket. I really think that my age won't change anything. I mean, c'mon! I'll stay the same but i'm sure i'll be offering more. By that I mean, crazy-er, weird-er and of course, more positive with life. Well, you can't change overnight. Let's just see where this new chapter takes me and hope for the better. :) 
I just love birthdays -and weddings and any event that celebrates life. With that comes genuine happiness. It's overwhelming to receive and read everyone's birthday messages through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail and SMS.  I really appreciate it guys! I really do. This year has been amazing and I can't wait to start a new one or maybe just continue what I've started (i'll stick with that, it sounds more fun and better. :D). I love y'all like Tinkerbell loves Peter Pan. ♥ 

I can't thank everyone enough. It has been an amazing year and I hope it continues. ♥

More photos will be posted at 
For collaborations you may send an e-mail at 
or just tweet me @jac_pequena . ♥

Jul 8, 2013

Forever Grateful

Hair & Make-up: Genstein Yuzon
Photo by: Chrysler Malinay

I've finally decided to blog about this shoot that I did 2 months ago! Yes, you read that right! Hahaha. Well, at least here I am, finally blogging about it...or maybe not. :P Will post more photos tomorrow. :) I just thought that it'll be better to post the photos on my birthday! Hahaha. ♥

Jul 7, 2013

Casualty of Love

A quick outfit post! I just noticed that I've been wearing a lot of red lately. Well, July is my birthday month! And it's best to celebrate it by wearing this so-called lucky color! Hahaha. 
To add more color, I decided to take this baby out! Blue and Orange = match made in heaven! ♥
I have tons of Snapshots lined up. But for now, i'll leave y'all with an outfit post. You'll be seeing this cutesy rounded shades from Romwe and a lot more. :)
Shorts - from Japan | Shades - Romwe 
Have a great week everyone! ♥

Jul 3, 2013

Taking Chances

Aside from the book of Molly McAdams (which I just finished reading! Team Chase or Team Brandon? Hahahah. Anyway...), here I am taking my chances while the sun was up and brightly shining on my life. It was the perfect day to wear a full-on denim outfit!  
I know this outfit has summer painted all over it, but hey! That's the best part when you live in a country like ours! It's like summer all-year... well, minus the beach trips, sleepless nights and hanging out with your friends. 
This denim jumper (or whatever you call it) was actually a gift from my dad. He bought it when he went to Japan. I just wish I came with him. Boohoo. Oh well, at least my dad has great taste too. This is just one of the many things he got for me. Now I know where I got all "this" from. Love you, Pa! ♥
I'm awfully in love with my jumper. Oh, and if it isn't that obvious, the top part can be detached. I love items that can transform into all sorts of things. Hahahah. 
To top all of this denim crazyness. I decided to finish off my look with this denim cap. 
Oh yes, I'm obsessed! :P 
Jumper - From Japan | Black Bracelet - BU4 | Spikes bracelet - DIY | Sneakers - Converse

My birthday is coming up in 6 days! And I don't have any plans! Hahaha. We'll see what happens.