Apr 30, 2013

Snapshot: Golden Hour (15)

I know, I know. Snapshots are supposed to be posted on Sundays. But I just can't wait for Sunday! :) Anyway, if it isn't obvious, these photos were taken during the golden hour. I love how these photos turned out. The sun's rays are just too perfect for words. We (or maybe not all of us) always rant about how hot it can get and blame it all on Mr. Sun, well, wake-up little one, Mr. Sun can do awesome things too. Just like giving us the chance to take wonderful photos without using studio lights that could burn you to death. Hahaha. Lol, I kid. 

And of course, to finish this blog post, let me show you guys my crazy & weird self. :P 

Where are you going for the Labor Day thinga-majigga? Well, whatever it is that you're planning to do, may it be a stay-cation or a trip to your fave destination, don't forget to have tons of fun. Toodles~~ 

Apr 23, 2013


And let me present to you my "short-er" hair. I'm back to the same old hairstyle. My hair has grown and reached the awkward length so I decided to chop off a few inches. Anyway, enough of my hair drama and let's proceed to my outfit. Since Mr. Sun is still brightly shining and sending some hot lovin' to our country, I can't stop myself from wearing shorts and breezy tops. 
And of course, studs, studs everywhere! I made sure that I include all things studded in this post. Lol, I kid. But hey, who can blame me? Gold studs just looks really chic and tough! 
Let me thank Ate Mhalen of Nail It! Greenhills for the perfectly drawn bow! Studs + bows = perfect mix of edgy and cute! The base polish used is Borrowed & Blue by Essie. :)

Top - Greenhills | Boots - BU2 | Sunnies - BU3 | Watch - Singapore | Nails - Nail It! 
Oh and have you heard the latest buzz in the blog-osphere? BU5 is coming! It will be held at SMX on June 1! I won't miss it and you shouldn't too! You're favorite bloggers will be there! Also, it's the perfect time to get your hands on your fave bloggers' stuff, just like my sunnies and boots. So, I'll see you there, right? :)

Apr 12, 2013

Windows to the Soul

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but what if those eyes would look like the ones printed on my skirt? Wouldn't that be cray cray (and fun)?! Hahaha. Anyway, I've been dying to wear this skirt. The print is so weird and fun at the same time. Okay, enough of my love for this skirt. Pardon my crazy mind, the heat is getting really intense and I think it slightly affected my brain. 
Ooops. :P 
Bright Red Orange nails by Nail It! Salon! I love the fact that you can see my nails even if you're like 10 to 15 feet away. It's the perfect color for summer! Thanks Nail It! ♥
Skirt - Romwe | Shoes - Keds

My mind is really in a different world right now. Ciao. Enjoy Summer! 

Apr 6, 2013

Beat The Heat

Can the temperature get higher? I just wish it won't. I love summer but the intense heat can be really stressful and irritating. So, to beat the heat, I make sure that I wear comfy clothes. By comfy, I mean light colored clothes and not too thick ones too. :)
I know, I know! I'm in my usual tank top + shorts combo, but hey! This kimono top really helped put this whole outfit together! C'mon! Without the help of this kimono, this outfit would've looked (for the lack of better term) simple. 
You might be wondering why I have make-up on and just look made-up in general. Well, these photos were shot the same day we had our graduation pictures taken. 
And of course, your summer outfit wouldn't be complete without your summer-colored nails. I had mine done at Nail It! Greenhills! Well, you can have yours done at any Nail It! salon branch! Visit their website for more info! Oh and you can reserve through the website too. ♥
Top - Greenhills | Shorts - DIY | Nails - Nail It! | Loafers - Cotton On
Have a happy summer! ♥

Apr 4, 2013

Holy Week 2013

Let me share with you some of the photos I was able to take during the Holy Week. The photos below include the Walkway at Bonifacio High Street and some of the churches I visited during the Visita Iglesia. How did you spend your Holy Week? 

The Holy Week is one of the most important events for a Catholic. It has become bigger and bigger as years go by. By big, I mean, more special celebrations - even televisions and radio channels are being filled with religious activities and programs. Here in the Philippines, the Holy Week is celebrated in various ways. Some would go to another country, some would visit local destinations and some prefer to stay at home (they call it "stay-cation"). Whatever it is that you do on Holy Week, make sure that you still put God first. And of course, don't forget to spend some quality time with the people you love. :)

Apr 2, 2013

Summer Heat

Finally! Got the chance to blog again! I've been itching to do this! I blame my mind for forgetting to bring my laffytaffy. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm back (I think). I've been saying this but haven't been doing it. Oh well, what's important is that i'm now here. What have you been up to? Have you been to the beach? Or are you spending your summer at home doing your favorite routine (eat-sleep-surf the net-eat-sleep)? Hahaha. 
Summer is the best excuse to wear bright and eye-catching colors! Hence, my outfit. Blue + Orange is a no fail combo, just like blue + red + white. I can say that my closet has been improving. Colors are flooding in, unlike before, my closet looks so dull. It was filled with dark and neutral colors. 
Since summer is here, I made sure my nails are summer-ready! This one is from Dazzle Dry! If you want to have summer-ready nails, have yours painted at any Nail It! Salon! Have your tips looking clean and fun! Follow Nail It! on Twitter and Instagram: @nail_it_salon on both platforms. And Like them on Facebook too! Click HERE
Shades - Romwe | Nails - Nail It! Salon

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Have fun! Oh and enjoy the summer heat! :)