Apr 2, 2013

Summer Heat

Finally! Got the chance to blog again! I've been itching to do this! I blame my mind for forgetting to bring my laffytaffy. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm back (I think). I've been saying this but haven't been doing it. Oh well, what's important is that i'm now here. What have you been up to? Have you been to the beach? Or are you spending your summer at home doing your favorite routine (eat-sleep-surf the net-eat-sleep)? Hahaha. 
Summer is the best excuse to wear bright and eye-catching colors! Hence, my outfit. Blue + Orange is a no fail combo, just like blue + red + white. I can say that my closet has been improving. Colors are flooding in, unlike before, my closet looks so dull. It was filled with dark and neutral colors. 
Since summer is here, I made sure my nails are summer-ready! This one is from Dazzle Dry! If you want to have summer-ready nails, have yours painted at any Nail It! Salon! Have your tips looking clean and fun! Follow Nail It! on Twitter and Instagram: @nail_it_salon on both platforms. And Like them on Facebook too! Click HERE
Shades - Romwe | Nails - Nail It! Salon

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Have fun! Oh and enjoy the summer heat! :)

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