Apr 6, 2013

Beat The Heat

Can the temperature get higher? I just wish it won't. I love summer but the intense heat can be really stressful and irritating. So, to beat the heat, I make sure that I wear comfy clothes. By comfy, I mean light colored clothes and not too thick ones too. :)
I know, I know! I'm in my usual tank top + shorts combo, but hey! This kimono top really helped put this whole outfit together! C'mon! Without the help of this kimono, this outfit would've looked (for the lack of better term) simple. 
You might be wondering why I have make-up on and just look made-up in general. Well, these photos were shot the same day we had our graduation pictures taken. 
And of course, your summer outfit wouldn't be complete without your summer-colored nails. I had mine done at Nail It! Greenhills! Well, you can have yours done at any Nail It! salon branch! Visit their website for more info! Oh and you can reserve through the website too. ♥
Top - Greenhills | Shorts - DIY | Nails - Nail It! | Loafers - Cotton On
Have a happy summer! ♥