Oct 30, 2012

Four in One

Haven't joined my giveaway yet? Why? Join now (HERE)! Contest ends on the 9th of November! Anyway, here's a quick and short post to show you what you can win! This top and spikes bangle is trendy in so many ways. The top has 4 trends in it namely: animal print, floral, peplum and high-low. Who wouldn't want to have one? If only I could join my own giveaway, I would. HAHAHA. 
Top & Spikes Bracelet - Bits Shop | Beanie - Khush | Shorts - Greenhills | 

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Oct 29, 2012


Sorry for the delay, but here you go! The Winners of my giveaways! Thanks for joining dearies! To those who didn't win, you still have a chance, join my other giveaway HERE! Goodluck! ♥

Neon Green Spiked Bracelet | Wing Ear Cuff | Gold Spikes Connector Ring


1 MAC Frost Lipstick + 1 Mac False Eyelashes with Glue

1 MAC Frost Lipstick

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Oct 25, 2012

Travel Diary: Vietnam (Day 1) Part 3/3

Hello Dearies! Your Virtual Tour Guide is back. I'm sorry it took me tooooo long to post this 3rd part. I think you know why. Anyway, at least now I'm here. On to the Travel Post... This is the final part of our Day 1 in Vietnam, our last stop was the ever-so-famous, Cu Chi Tunnel. This is my favorite among all of the places we've been to. This place is just so historic and mind-blowing. Let me show you the magic of Cu Chi through pictures...

Sorry for the lack of photos, I was too busy being a tourist and forgot to take photos of some of the great things. Anyway, the photo below shows an entrance to the tunnel, yes, it's super small and yes, it's dark down there. Believe me, I went in! HAHAHA. 

See! The man is gone and there is no way that you would've guessed there is a hole under that pile of dried leaves. 

Also, scattered around the area are traps. Deadly traps, I must say. 

They also have mannequins and other war-related stuffs on some areas to show the tourists how the Vietnamese and everything else looked like during the war. 

I'm really sorry for the lack of photos. Well, that Cu Chi Tunnel Experience was really amazing. We also got the chance to enter the tunnels, and it made me adore the cleverness of the Vietnamese. I'm not really a history buff or anything close to that, but I really enjoyed this part of our tour. I got the chance to try everything, enter the tunnels, see how the traps work, climb the tank and so on and so forth. So, that ends my Vietnam Day 1 Travel Diary! Watch out for Days 2 and 3! ♥ 

Oct 24, 2012

No More Lies

Wait! Before anything else, let me explain my title. It's not that I've been lying or anything, I got the title from the song i'm currently listening to. Well, most of the time that's where I'd get my titles from. Some of them are lines from a song or just a random phrase that popped in my random mind.

Anyway, wore this ensemble to Garnier's Get Active Campus Challenge Awards Night held at Enderun College. And of course, we had to dress appropriately. Wore a LBD = Little Brown Dress (HAHAHA, see what I did there?) with less accessories. School has been sucking out all my energy to think, so yeah, my peg for that night was Minimalist. 

The dress that I'm wearing has lace details on the neckline, so I decided not to add a necklace. 
Dress - Borrowed (from Ria) | Shoes - Aldo | Braided Metallic Bracelet - from Athina | Stacked Rings - Forever 21 

I've been endlessly ranting about school and how much it takes too much time off of my hands. Well, our final academic semester has ended and I still can't believe that i'll be graduating on March (or May). Anyway, let's just see what will happen next! 
Photos were taken by Alsph Liboon and Kevin Basco

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Oct 23, 2012

VE x Bits Shop (CLOSED)

I have another special treat for my dear readers! One lucky girl will get the chance to win a top and bracelet from Bits Shop! All Thanks to Bianca of Bits Shop! 

Who wouldn't want to win this top? It has all the trends that became ultra famous namely: high-low, peplum, animal print and floral! See that, 4 in 1! Plus, you'll get to win this 5-layers of gold spikes bracelet! Amazing huh? So, enough of the blabbering and onto the mechanics.


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Good luck Dearies! 

Oct 22, 2012

Red and Black

Been MIA again lately, and I'm sorry. My schedule has been cray cray and I'm very glad that I got the chance to squeeze in blogging! And since I'm too exhausted from all that school-stuff-things, my mind isn't (as always) working again. Good thing this outfit is too easy to explain. So yeah. 

Are you too tired of my top + shorts combination? Well, I'm sorry but you'll see more of these. Maybe about 196745649 times more! :P

Oh and don't forget to join my 2 giveaways HERE and HERE! Make sure you follow ALL the instructions. I'll be verifying your entries. Good Luck! 

Oct 17, 2012

Slumber Party (Nail It! Alphaland Opening)

This is a long overdue post! By long, I mean, about a month old. And I'm really sorry, been really busy with school. But hey, better late than never right? 
Anyway, Nail It! opened their 11th branch! It's located at Alphaland Southgate Mall. Y'all should check this branch out! It's super spacious and I think that adds the feeling of serenity. Who wants to be stuck in a tight space? No one! So yeah, i think this branch has about 13 - 14 couches. Anyway, i'll explain everything through pictures and captions! 

The Grand Opening was themed Slumber Party! So upon entering the salon, you'll see this sign! :P

And of course, it wouldn't be considered a nail salon without the pretty polishes and nail art designs! 

Nail It! offers Affordable Luxury! They use OPI, Essie, Dazzle Dry and Orly, gives you the pampering you deserve and charge you at a very affordable price! Isn't that amazing? 

And OUR favorite part! The mouth-watering-and-jaw-dropping sweets area! Everything looks really delicious, well because they are all very delicious! Oh and Nail It! now offers SPARTY PACKAGES for all occasions! So everything you'll see below, can be included in your package! Like what you see? Contact Nail It! for more info- Facebook | Twitter 

And of course, the Blessing. That's Mrs. Jean Uvero, the owner of Nail It! Congratulations Ma'am Jean! ♥ Looking forward to more shop/store openings! ♥

Bloggers looking cutesy in their PJ's! 

The Twins! Debbie and Demmie! And now I can't determine which is which. Oh well, they're both so gorgeous and they are the newest addition to the Nail It! Family! Hello Girls! See you soon! ♥ Visit their blog: The Twins Owning It

Dana and her super adorable sleepwear! Check out her blog: HERE ♥

Slumber Party Time! ♥ 

Flipsters - Flip flops for any occassion! These foldable slippers are amazing! Have you experienced coming to a Nail salon with closed shoes on? Worry no more! These foldable slippers are here to save you! HAHAHA. I mean, aside from the fact that it looks cute, it is really useful! Flipsters are available in Nail It! Salon branches! ♥

Flipsters: When worn. 

More photooooos! ♥

Bioessence was kind enough and gave everyone who attended a freebie! Thanks Bioessence! 

Last Photo! Of course, a mandatory photo! Nail It!'s Resident Bloggers! 
See you soon girls! Let's Sparty? :] ♥
Melai, Me, Bea, Tina
Being Nail It!'s Resident Blogger is really challenging and Fun! Who wouldn't want to get pampered? Also, this experience opened tons of doors for me. I also got the chance to meet awesome people and of course, the great minds behind Nail It!'s success. Anyway, more power to Nail It! and thank you so much! ♥