Oct 17, 2012


Notice anything different? Something that is missing? NO? Well, keep reading to know whatever it is that I am talking about. 

When I entered college, I've actually had them. Which means, my college buddies couldn't imagine me, without it. Maybe now you know what I'm talking about! Wootwoot! Yes, I finally got my braces removed. (Look at the first picture and be amazed! >:] ) I actually got it removed 2 weeks ago (if you follow me on twitter & instagram, you would know, because I've been posting pictures of me without the braces! Oh it's @thejjjaaaccc on both platforms! Follow meee. :] ) 

Anyway, onto my outfit. Oh yes, my love for comfort is eating my closet! I mean, whenever I go out and spot something I know will give me comfort, I would immediately purchase it and just save it for an event or just a simple day out. I wouldn't explain why I chose to pair this top with this shorts since I would go "I'm all for comfort." again and I think it's annoying. :] 

Don't you just love my Christmas inspired nails? Thanks to the Ate(s) of Nail It! Greenhills for doing my nails. I think there were about 3 of them who played around with my nails. I like it when the Nail Techs are fun and highly energetic. Makes everything less awkward. :] 
Black Spikes Ring - Two K's Closet | Orange Spikes Ring - Bedazzle Accessories | Top - Greenhills | Necklace - AI | Sandals - Vietnam | Nail Art - Nail It! 

Have a great day everyone! xx
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