Dec 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

It's the last day of the year! Can you believe it!? This year has gone by sooooo fast. 2012 has been really nice to me. It has given me tons of opportunities and introduced me to awesome people. I can't put into words how grateful I am. So in honor of this awesome year, I decided to make this post that shows the highlights of my year! 

1-2.) AJ Rafael's Red Roses Concert - 2012 started off with a bang, so maybe that's the reason it's ending with a bigger and louder explosion. 3.) Showbiz Sosyal Feature - Thanks to Jamille Domingo! You helped me check one item off from my bucket list! ♥

1-2.) Caliraya Defense Tour - Well, I love to travel. And i'm taking it one step at a time. 

1.) First Shoot of the Year - If you want to see more photos, click HERE and HERE 2.) Haircut - This is a big deal for me! HAHAHA! T'was my first time to chop my hair THIS short. :P

1.) Forever 21 (The Block) Opening - Okay, okay. Hold your horses. Who doesn't love F21? I was just sooo happy that they finally opened one in SM North (if you don't know, my house is located somewhere really close to SM North Edsa). 2-3.) Quezon Trip - Another travelling experience. This time, with my family and other relatives. 

1.) 30 Day Challenge - I'm proud to say that I finished that! Thinking of doing another one! ♥ 2-3.) Candy Style Awards 4.) ANTM invades MANILA!  5.) PFW (Rajo Laurel x Bench) - My first Fashion Week Experience 6.) Bamboo - I'm a FAN of Bamboo! I love him to bits! And seeing him perform live made my heart beat faster than the usual. ♥.♥

1.) Nail It! Resident Blogger - One of the best things that happened to me this year! Thank you so much to my Nail It! family! ♥ 2.) Photography - it was in June when I started covering events. 

 1.) Met the Flying Ipis band 2.) Collab shoot with Antonette of Operation: Fix Life 3-4.) July is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! ♥ Need I say more? :P

1.) Wrangler F/W Collection Show 2.) Met these gorgeous ladies - See you again soon, loves! ♥

1-3.) Shoot - I'm really blessed! I have 3 friends who's into photography. Woot Woot! Thanks Alsph, Kevin and Lloyd! 4-5.) Ilocos Tour - This year is a Travel Year! 6-7.) Vietnam Tour - I wanna see the rest of the world! ♥ 8-9.) Nail It! Alphaland Grand Opening

1.) Nail It! Resident Bloggers Shoot 2-3.) PFW Lee Cooper - Saw Bamboo again! ♥♥♥ 4.) 1st Blog Anniversary - 1st year down, forever to go! HAHAHA!

1-2.) OJT - Since my OJT started. I've been a really bad blogger. Not attending to my duties and other stuff. I promise to do better next year. :)

1-2.) Singapore Trip - I can say that December is the best part of the year! Aside from the Holidays, I got the chance to celebrate Christmas in Singapore! Well, what made this trip extra special is that, I got the chance to spend it with my family. ♥ 3.) Malaysia Trip - Since we were already in Singapore, we decided to give Malaysia a visit too. 

See! 2012 has given me too much! I'm really blessed and I really can't put into words how thankful I am. I promise to work harder next year! If things didn't go as you planned it, don't worry, you have another year (and your whole life) to do those things. Thank you to everyone who decided to enter my life and thanks for letting me enter yours too. Let us start the year 2013 with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. Hope you had a great year too! Keep Dreaming! Stay Positive! ♥

Dec 24, 2012

Singapore via Instagram

I think it's quite obvious. These are some photos I was able to upload via Instagram. I'm trying to stop myself from using the social networking sites, but I just can't . I've been too attached to it. (LOL! :P). Anyway, let me show you what I've been up to. If you want to see more, follow me on Instagram: @thejjjaaaccc

1.) Singapore Rain  2.) A photo with my dad. Yes, he has long and curly hair. 

3.) Random photos from our Merlion visit. :)  4.) Battle of the 10's - (L-R) Vietnam Dong, Singapore Dollar and Philippine Peso

5.) COOL JAC! Saw this at the supermarket.  6.) Christmas Decoration along Grange Road.  

I'll try to update my blog more often. Happy Holidays! Advance Merry Christmas! 

Dec 19, 2012


It's been a week! But I can say that I still have the 'Bloggers United Hangover'! I just can't get enough of it. Perfect place to shop! And this year, it became bigger and better. Well, maybe next time it'll be BIG!

As for my title, I actually got it from Patricia Prieto. Well, I got tons of compliments about my top and Patricia Prieto said that it's very hipster. So yeah, that's where I got it.

Top - MC Fair | Boots - BU | Rings, Necklace - Romwe | Nails - Nail It! Salon |

I'm currently blogging through my phone. I'll edit this as soon as I get the chance to. Plus, I'm here in SG! Anyone else who's here? Send me a message! I would love to meet you!
Follow me via twitter and Instagram: @thejjjaaaccc

Oakwood Premier

If you read my last post, I actually spent my weekend (which is 2 weeks ago. :P) at Oakwood Premier.  I actually love staying at hotels, aside from the fact that you'd get to enjoy a day at a relaxing place, you also get the chance to experience "world-class" treatment. You don't have to go too far to enjoy the best, we have it here too. 

Upon entering the room (we got the Studio Apartment), you'll be greeted by the kitchen area! My friends and I actually bond over food! One loves to cook, while the rest loves to eat, and that includes myself. It just doesn't show, but yes, I LOVE FOOD! :)
Then right beside it is this very cozy sofa! ♥
And of course, the strongest magnet in the whole wide universe! THE BED! If you'd ask me, the bed is the part of every room! Well, who here doesn't love sleeping? I count it as my hobby! HAHA! Lol! :P
And to all those who can't seem to leave their work at home, they have this certain area inside the room where you can continue to do your job. But I advise you not to, I bet you went there to relax, right? :)
As for my last stop, the Comfort Room! Which is as relaxing as the whole place. Never underestimate the power of a good-looking restroom. *thumbs up* 

Oakwood Premier is located within the "very busy" Ortigas Center. You can check them out on Facebook for more info! Oh and i'll be leaving tomorrow night! See you next year Manila! I'll definitely miss you! ♥

Dec 16, 2012

One More Night

This year has been really nice to me, so does everybody that I met. And if only I could ask one more night or maybe more, I would. Okay, enough of the drama. Sorry for being MIA again, this time I wasn't occupied with school stuff. I've been really busy with something else. I'll explain more of that soon. Anyway, this is what I wore to our advance "Christmas Celeb" or whatever you call it. :)
We spent our weekend (Dec. 8-9) at Oakwood Premier. I'll do a separate blog post for that. The place is really relaxing, plus, their interiors are really nice. 
I mustache you a question! HAHAHA. See what I did there? Mustache overload everybody! Who here doesn't love mustache? If you don't, there is something wrong with you! HAHAHA. 
Thanks Marice for giving me another Peace stuff. She was the one who gave me the Peace watch! Thank you so much! You know me very well. Melovesyou! :*

Top - Greenhills | Mustache Necklace - from Basco | Mustache Black ring - Two K's Closet | Sandals - Vietnam

I've been really blessed with the awesomest friends. These photos were taken by Alsph and Kevin. Thanks guys! :)
I'll be leaving on Thursday night! Am I excited? Not yet. Well, it'll be my first time to celebrate Christmas and New Year outside of the country, and I won't get the chance to celebrate it (xmas and new year) with some of my closest friends and other relatives. Well, I know this trip will be super fun! 

Dec 11, 2012

Snapshot: Short (12)

I'm blogging on a Tuesday! Well, that's because I'm not feeling very well and I have to stay at home. These photos were shot a week ago and are a product of boredom (well, most of my Snapshots are). :) Just so you guys know, whenever I get bored there are only 4 things on my list that I would do: Eat, Sleep, Go Somewhere or Take Photos. This time I chose the later. 
I'm telling you! I was just really bored! So, sorry for the senseless post. I'll try to post decent ones soon. 
Who's excited for the Holidaaaays? Well, I am! I'll be leaving on the 21st of December! I'll be flying to... Singapore! So, if you're from there, let me know. I would love to meet you! ♥

Dec 4, 2012

Litlle Things

Just a random thought: When an opportunity comes, will you let it pass or grab it? If you'll ask me, I would definitely grab it. Things happen for a reason, and without trying, you would never know what it's for. 
Anyway, enough of the random-ness. Can you see that? I'm actually wearing a girly outfit! Woot woot! This wasn't intentional. These are the only pieces of clothing I was able to bring with me. Well, I loved how it turned out. 
And to add "girly-ness" to the whole ensemble, I decided to fish-tail braid my hair. And yes, I know, it's messy. But I like it that way. ♥ 
Aztec/Tribal Print Nails c/o Nail It! Salon! Thanks to Ate Len for painting my nails! :)  

Photos were taken by my cousin, Coleen! Thanks C! :*
I know i've been a bad blogger -not being able to blog and attend events- and I'm really sorry. Tons of great news came my way and I can't wait to share it with you guys. It's not really blog-related but, it's really exciting. And I'll try to be more active. :) Oh and please PRAY for the Philippines Some parts of the country are currently facing, yet again, another challenge.