Dec 19, 2012

Oakwood Premier

If you read my last post, I actually spent my weekend (which is 2 weeks ago. :P) at Oakwood Premier.  I actually love staying at hotels, aside from the fact that you'd get to enjoy a day at a relaxing place, you also get the chance to experience "world-class" treatment. You don't have to go too far to enjoy the best, we have it here too. 

Upon entering the room (we got the Studio Apartment), you'll be greeted by the kitchen area! My friends and I actually bond over food! One loves to cook, while the rest loves to eat, and that includes myself. It just doesn't show, but yes, I LOVE FOOD! :)
Then right beside it is this very cozy sofa! ♥
And of course, the strongest magnet in the whole wide universe! THE BED! If you'd ask me, the bed is the part of every room! Well, who here doesn't love sleeping? I count it as my hobby! HAHA! Lol! :P
And to all those who can't seem to leave their work at home, they have this certain area inside the room where you can continue to do your job. But I advise you not to, I bet you went there to relax, right? :)
As for my last stop, the Comfort Room! Which is as relaxing as the whole place. Never underestimate the power of a good-looking restroom. *thumbs up* 

Oakwood Premier is located within the "very busy" Ortigas Center. You can check them out on Facebook for more info! Oh and i'll be leaving tomorrow night! See you next year Manila! I'll definitely miss you! ♥

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