Dec 4, 2012

Litlle Things

Just a random thought: When an opportunity comes, will you let it pass or grab it? If you'll ask me, I would definitely grab it. Things happen for a reason, and without trying, you would never know what it's for. 
Anyway, enough of the random-ness. Can you see that? I'm actually wearing a girly outfit! Woot woot! This wasn't intentional. These are the only pieces of clothing I was able to bring with me. Well, I loved how it turned out. 
And to add "girly-ness" to the whole ensemble, I decided to fish-tail braid my hair. And yes, I know, it's messy. But I like it that way. ♥ 
Aztec/Tribal Print Nails c/o Nail It! Salon! Thanks to Ate Len for painting my nails! :)  

Photos were taken by my cousin, Coleen! Thanks C! :*
I know i've been a bad blogger -not being able to blog and attend events- and I'm really sorry. Tons of great news came my way and I can't wait to share it with you guys. It's not really blog-related but, it's really exciting. And I'll try to be more active. :) Oh and please PRAY for the Philippines Some parts of the country are currently facing, yet again, another challenge.

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