Dec 16, 2012

One More Night

This year has been really nice to me, so does everybody that I met. And if only I could ask one more night or maybe more, I would. Okay, enough of the drama. Sorry for being MIA again, this time I wasn't occupied with school stuff. I've been really busy with something else. I'll explain more of that soon. Anyway, this is what I wore to our advance "Christmas Celeb" or whatever you call it. :)
We spent our weekend (Dec. 8-9) at Oakwood Premier. I'll do a separate blog post for that. The place is really relaxing, plus, their interiors are really nice. 
I mustache you a question! HAHAHA. See what I did there? Mustache overload everybody! Who here doesn't love mustache? If you don't, there is something wrong with you! HAHAHA. 
Thanks Marice for giving me another Peace stuff. She was the one who gave me the Peace watch! Thank you so much! You know me very well. Melovesyou! :*

Top - Greenhills | Mustache Necklace - from Basco | Mustache Black ring - Two K's Closet | Sandals - Vietnam

I've been really blessed with the awesomest friends. These photos were taken by Alsph and Kevin. Thanks guys! :)
I'll be leaving on Thursday night! Am I excited? Not yet. Well, it'll be my first time to celebrate Christmas and New Year outside of the country, and I won't get the chance to celebrate it (xmas and new year) with some of my closest friends and other relatives. Well, I know this trip will be super fun! 


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  2. Cute outfit! I really love your bracelets :)