Feb 23, 2013

Change of Heart

I'm actually extra happy today because Mr. Sun finally decided to show up! Well, I love it when it rains , you'd get the chance to wear sweaters, add layers and all that jazz, but please rain when I have nowhere to go! Traffic can be really crazy and I hate it. :P
Anyway, looook! I'm wearing a skirt...again! (pats self on the back)! I'm now into skirts! One of the things I've been wanting to love but just can't, and now, I've had a change of heart. I am now a self-confessed skirt lover. Lol, whuuut? 
Skirt, Bag and Watch - Singapore | Infinity Bracelet - Romwe | Necklace - AI Online Shop |
Stacked Rings - Forever21 | Nails - Nail It! 
Enjoy the weekend guys and gals! Never be afraid to try new things. :)

Feb 14, 2013

Snapshot: Hearts Day (13)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Everyone! How's your day? Hope you're having a great time. Today is the day of LOVE! So, let's just enjoy this special day and think blissful thoughts. 

To make this day extra special, I actually prepared a very dainty Snapshot for all the lovely ladies out there. I know I've posted a Snapshot that is actually similar to this. But I just can't think of anything else that is relatable to this day. So pardon the lack of ideas. Hating is not allowed today! HAHAHA. Show me some love people! :P 
Anyway, I'm again donning my Camille Co Necklace and this extremely pretty ring from Tarte (Thanks Stacey!). It gives the look the additional "girly vibe". Oh and who here loves jumpers/sweaters? The newest addition to my closet! The lace covered bunny is just so cute!  I know the print can't be seen clearly through these photos, but I promise I'll post a more decent outfit post wearing this sweater.

And of course, my Vday Nails! I know this doesn't look anything close to this event, but I wanted it to be different. It's actually a mix of girly and edgy! I mixed the animal print with the past trend - the cross. The dots are just bonuses. I didn't want to leave the other nails looking blank and boring.  Thanks to Ate Len of Nail It! ♥ For more Nail Art ideas and Nail care tips, follow Nail It! on Instagram - @nail_it_salon
Necklace - Camille Co  |  Sweater - Romwe  | Ring - Tarte

So, just enjoy this day and make it memorable! Let the people you like/love know your true feelings. In that case... 
Happy Valentine's Day Patrick! I love you to the moon and back, ♥

Feb 8, 2013

Don't You Forget About Me

So, here I am again with plaid tops and shorts. But who can blame me? Aside from the fact that it's stylish and gives you that effortless vibe, it's also extremely comfortable. Agree? Yes? Good. :P
Remember when I said that I still have the PPH, (If you don't know what that means, read this) and that I have another "Beca" inspired outfit? Well, here it is. I toned it down a bit. Manila's weather is actually back to normal, and I didn't want the heat to beat the heck out of me. :) 
Plaid Top - DIY | Shorts - Muffin | Necklace, Rings & Infinity Bracelet - Romwe | Shoes - Converse | Watch - Singapore

TGIF! Enjoy the weekend guys & gals! 
Spread the Love! ♥

Feb 3, 2013

Accascuse Me

If it isn't obvious, I still have the "PPH" (Pitch Perfect Hangover). And this post was inspired from that accaawesome movie. If you haven't watched the movie yet, you're missing a lot! HAHAHA. I don't know, there's something about it that's so fun to watch. (I think I've watched it 5491984 times. :P) Anyway, this is my take on the movie's lead character, Beca (Anna Kendrick). If you've noticed, she's always in flannel tops and the like. Her outfits are also usually dark-colored. 
As for my outfit, I wanted to drift away from the "dark side" and add some colors, hence the blue shorts and red belt. 
If this isn't "Beca" enough (well, I hope it is), don't you worry, I have another post coming. And yes, it's also Beca-inspired. See how addicted I am to Pitch Perfect? Oh and don't get me started with Jesse  (Skylar Astin) and his accaawesomeness. ♥
I love how my nails matches the whole outfit. Did you know that your nails can actually double as accessories? So, you better keep those nails well-groomed. Good thing Nail It! offers affordable but luxurious services. And since it's the love month, Nail It! is offering a special promo. They are offering  a special package for two - you can bring your special someone or anyone you want- and get that pampering you deserve. The Chocolate Scrub is available for a limited time only. 
Finally got the Infinity Bracelet! I've been waiting for this! ♥ 
Flannel Top - Wrangler | Shorts - Divi | Loafers - Cotton On | Zipper & Infinity Bracelet - Romwe | Bag - Kipling | Nail Art - Nail It!

How's the Love Month treating you? Don't you worry if you'll be spending time alone this coming Valentine's Day. Oh wait, who says you'll be alone? You have your friends and family to spend Valentine's with. Cheer up and spread the love. ♥
Have a great day/month Everyone!