Mar 26, 2012


Summer is here! Yey! I can't wait to go out and enjoy the summer heat. Beaaaaaach! Waaaa.
Fedora Hat + Shorts + Plaid/Lace Top + Short(er) Hair= Summer ♥  Yes. Short(er) Hair. I just had this feeling that I needed a haircut, so, there you go. I'm just really excited. Enough. K. Bye. :] 


Mar 16, 2012

Venice (Part 2)


Part two of my trip to "Venice". :] 
Photos were taken by Kevin Basco.
My ever so reliable Photographers and Best Buds. Left - Kevin ; Right - Alsph


Mar 15, 2012

Venice (Part 1)

Photos were taken by ALSPH LIBOON
More photos will be posted soon.

Mar 13, 2012

The World Will Be Watching

Orange Paaaaants! Yey! I've had these pair of pants since i-can't-even-remember-when. I was just in the mood to wear something with color. This is new and challenging. The stares of people walking towards me. It's as if they're thinking "Look at that walking traffic cone." Well, anyway, enough of that.
Candid Shot. Yey! ♥
With Eunice and Anne
Wore the basic top + jeans + shoes combination but I added some color to switch it up a bit. Anyway, photos were taken by Eunice at UP. We went there earlier today to attend The Hunger Games Symposium organized by the UP Lingua Franca. I don't have pictures during the event because I was so busy listening to the speakers. Anyway, THANKS UP LINGUA FRANCA! :] Hunger Games will be on theaters on March 22.
May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

Mar 9, 2012

I Won't Compromise

And since school is almost over, YEY! This calls for a celebration! Hahaha. Well, not yet. Soon. 
Manila has been experiencing extreme heat. It has been this way for days. Summer is near, I know, but I think the heat is over-acting. Well, it's soooooo hot. That's why I decided to do a summer-inspired post.  A floral dress + a boater hat + your favorite sunnies = SummerL♥ve

Dress from Pendora, Glasses from Fly Eyewear, Bangles from Girl Shoppe,
Floral Rings from Forever 21, Sneakers from Keds

Who's excited for the Hunger Games????? Waaaa. 14 days to go! Yey! 

Mar 7, 2012

A Sweet Goodbye

Bracelet from Reesey Peasy, Watch from Tomato, Sling Bag from Kahlia, Dog Necklace from YRYS

Slight Problem with ze shoot. I have a wound, on my right knee. :/ I actually hate having wounds, aside from the scar it'll leave, it's ultra annoying and itchy. Well, that's life. So, we gave our friend Marice a little surprise visit because she was leaving. (By this time, she is on the plane to Ohio) I will surely miss her, but she will be back soon.