Jul 30, 2012

Man's Bestfriend

Holla! I missed blogging a lot. I wasn't able to say that in my last post. But hey, better late than never, right? HAHAHA. Anyway, were you able to watch Marie Jamora's "Ang Nawawala"? No? Boo you! It's an awesome movie! The story is beyond amazing. Different from all those friends turned to lovers turned to strangers story! Woohoo. You should have watched it. 
Got this top at Vern Enciso's booth during the Bloggers United 3. The cute print of the shirt made me realize that I should get it. And I didn't regret a thing. The doggie in the shirt resembles my dog Chundy. HAHAHA. 
Top - Vern Enciso's booth at BU3 | Shorts - Greenhills | JAC Bracelet - gift (from Nix) | Fearless cuff - The Bead Shop | Watch - Tomato | Sneakers - Converse
Oh and keep safe guys. The weather is being rude again. 

Jul 29, 2012

Safe and Sound

Well, I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift's big hit - Safe and Sound. And since I couldn't think of any title, taaahdaaaah! Anyway, my peg? Summer outfit for the rainy days! HAHAHA! I miss summer. Summer is the best part of the year. Aside for the "over-sleeping" and "over-eating", wearing comfy clothes is also something to look forward too. 
 Like my top? Got that at the SM Sale thingy. :] 
My nail color also screams summer! (Done by Ate Bea of Nail It! Greenhills Branch)
Top - Folded and Hung | Nails - Nail It! | Anchor Necklace - F21 |  Studded Bracelet - Ava Te's Booth at BU3 | Watch - Tomato | Silly Bands - ZYQ Bands | Gold Gladiators - People are People
So, it's raining again. Keep safe guys! Don't forget to bring your gigantic umbrellas/raincoats! 

Jul 23, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012

This just aired a couple of hours ago! The Teen Choice Awards! It has been my long-time dream to be able to attend an awards show, and since I'm stuck here and there is a 0% chance of me being able to go there, I update myself by checking online news and watching live streams. Anyway, below are images of some of the stars who went to the TCA2012! Enjoy!
Taylor Swift
Demi Lovato
Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber
Carly Rae Jepsen
Lea Michele
Chord Overstreet
Kevin Mchale
Chris Colfer
Darren Criss
Debby Ryan
Zooey Deschanel
Hannah Simone
Hayden Panettiere
Ian Somerhalder
Joe Jonas
Cat Deeley
Kendall and Kylie Jenner 
Lucy Hale
Miranda Cosgrove
Nina Dobrev
Rebecca Black
Photos from tv.yahoo.com

Vogue Esprit x Personalized Accessories Winners

WOOOOOT WOOOOT! Winners... again. Oh. Lucky girls.
Thanks again to PERSONALIZED ACCESSORIES for sponsoring this giveaway! 
More power to your shop!

1st Prize - Inverted Triangle Necklace

2nd Prize - Arrow Down Necklace 

*Will contact you dearies via email*
Thanks again to everyone who joined my giveaway! :]
Til next time. 

Jul 21, 2012

Good Time

Oooh. The weather is so mean. Makes me want to sleep all day. Must.Stop.My.Self.From.Staying.In.Bed. Anyway, wore this to a shoot we had for a school 
project. I decided to wear sleeveless sheer button down top + pants, (a comfy outfit) because I will be  moving a lot. I also wore minimal accessories. Woot Woot. 
Don't you just love the lace detail? It' screams GIRLY! ♥
Tip: if you are a little conservative, try wearing a tank top under your sheer top. 
Try light colored camis , it works better than dark/colored ones. 
And here is my take on the Hipster Nail Art! >:] Thanks Ate Bea! :] 
 Another thing! I tried Nail It! Salon's Eyelash Extensions and guess what? It isn't that difficult to manage and I didn't regret getting them! Plus it gives your eyes that dramatic effect. You don't have to curl and add mascara to your lashes everyday! Get yours done now at any Nail It! Branch. 
*Done by Ate Nalyn, Nail It! Greenhills Branch*
Follow them on Twitter (Here) and Like them on Facebook (Here) for more infos and updates! 

Top - Greenhills | Nails & Eyelash Extensions - Nail It! Salon | Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts
 Oh! And I've announced my VE x Love & Sale x Dolled Up Manila Giveaway winners! Check here. Congrats Dearies!