Jul 3, 2012

Pastel Wall

Another quick post. Does the title of this post give justice to everything included here? I mean, it's super irrelevant. I just can't think of a better title. Can you suggest one? No? Nevermind. HAHAHA. This is pointless. Anyway, this is what I wore to the Leadership Seminar I attended last Saturday. We were asked to wear a smart casual attire (I know what you're thinking, so... PEACE!). Well, actually, I wore my gray cardigan with this, so I think I did wear a smart casual outfit. >:] Okay, enough. Here it is. 
Shoes - Aldo | Peace Watch - New York | Pink Bracelet - Chick Flick | Necklace - from Macau | Nails - Nail It!
This post doesn't give my awesome nails justice. I will show you guys my new nail art soon! Thanks Nail It! Alvero Branch! ♥