Jul 5, 2012

Flying Ipis

Who isn't afraid of a Flying Ipis? Well, I guess almost everyone hates a flying cockroach, but I'm sure you won't hate the FLYING IPIS BAND! I wasn't able to watch them live (and I hate myself for that, boohoo! :/). These amazing all-girl band deserves a big break. I've watched some of their videos posted on YouTube and I can say that they have tons of stage presence and talent! Oh another terrible thing, I wasn't able to meet the other half of the band *sighs*, but I know that i'll see them again soon. Anyway meet Deng (Vocalist) and Ymi (Guitarist). 

Another privilege! Thanks to Nail It! Salon! :] 
You gals are definitely the best in the whole wide universe! 

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I'm currently addicted to their song - Past is Past Bitch


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