Jul 11, 2012

Nail Trend: GRADIENT

Putting up a good outfit will be easier if you have glammed-up nails. For the past months, Ombre has been taking over the fashion world. From ombre hair to ombre clothes and now, NAILS! Yes, nails. There are actually two types of Ombre (or as we call it, Gradient) one that involves painting a single nail with a light shade to a darker one. And the other requires painting all of your 5 fingernails with different shades! And YES, the second type requires tons of confidence (Well, you'll be walking around with different colors on your tips). I posted samples of the Ombre (top) and Gradient (bottom) nail art. 

Gradient nails have been perfected by the stylish and talented Lauren Conrad. She has been seen donning blue and pink-red gradient nails! Isn't she amazing? 

 Ombre also made it big this year! It has taken over the fashion week. During the last New York Spring 2012 Fashion week, Jen Kao in collaboration with CND came up with these amazing Ombre nails. Nails at Jen Kao's show attracts the eye with bold shades. 
Photos from cndfashionweek.com

Now, I dare you! Create your own version of the Gradient/Ombre nail trend. You can also try different colors! Go, experiment and be creative! But if you're one of those who can't do their own nails, don't worry! Nail It! is here to help you. Just head to a Nail It! Salon, show them a photo of your desired nail art/trend and be amazed! 

Good Luck and Happy Nail Painting! Woot Woot! :]

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