Mar 24, 2013

Last Hurrah

I still can't believe that i'll be graduating soon! These past couple of weeks has been really stressful but very rewarding. Stressful because we just had our final practicum testimonial. If you've been reading my blog, you already know that this semester was intended for our practicum. And just a couple of days ago, I think this semester has ended. That's it! No more school, no more waking up super early and (the worst part) no more allowance! HAHAHA!  As for the rewarding part, let's just say the "hard-working-student" that I (sometimes) am received an award. Woohooo! But let's not go into details. :)
As for my outfit, I wore this during the recently concluded testimonial we had in school. We were asked to don a "smart casual" look. Since I was too lazy to think of an outfit, I came up with this! 
I actually got this pair of cute flats for Php 300! The color screams summer! Don't you just love this? 
Flats - Market! Market! | Necklace - Girl Shoppe | Infinity Bracelet - Romwe

Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week ahead! This is the perfect time to think, reflect and spend some quality time with the people you love the most. Make sure you spend it right. ♥

Mar 19, 2013

The Heat is On

How are y'all doing? Oh my gosh, I missed this! Been MIA for almost 2 weeks and I wish this madness would end real soon. Been blessed with lots of things, but I feel really sorry for not having time to even blog about even the simplest stuff. But hey, I try to post updates on my twitter and Instagram. Follow me @thejjjaaaccc on both platforms. Oh and summer is here and the heat is definitely paying us a visit again. Perfect time to don your favorite shorts and breezy tops. :)
Anyway, enough of that! Well, I'm back (I think)! HAHAHA. On to my outfit, wore this ensemble to a quick shoot with Nail It!  A button-up top + lace shorts + loafers will never fail you! Well, it always works for me. :) Still trying to inject colors into my closet. Don't you just love the color of my shorts? And don't get me started with the material! Lace brings out the girly in me! ♥
Too bad you don't see my nail polish, it's my (current) favorite! Try it too! It's Prince Charming by Orly. See, I just can't let go of my love for neutrals. 
Shorts - Muffin | Loafers - Cotton On | Bag & Watch - Singapore | Ring - Greenhills | Infinity Bracelet - Romwe |
Necklace - Camille Co's | Nails - Nail It! Salon

I love the fact that I get to do the things I love at once! I've been trying different things and I can't wait to share those with you guys. Hope I find time to gather all those things/photos together and share it with you guys.♥

Mar 4, 2013

Almost Summer

Can you feel the summer heat? We are a couple of days away from summer! And I'm soooo excited! Summer is the perfect time to catch-up with your friends who have been really busy, to eat, relax, swim, sleep and all things you can even think of. Oh summer, why do you have to last for only 2 months?! HAHAHA. 
On to my outfit, I'm definitely back! And since its summer time, brace yourselves, more casual and comfy clothes are coming. Summer is the perfect excuse to just wear the comfiest clothes. The heat can be really exhausting and you wouldn't want to miss all the fun just because you feel super hot and sweaty.
I wanted to keep my nails simple by applying this very pretty brown polish! Too bad I can't remember the name, but it's from Orly! Nail It! really has the best polishes. From the neutral shades to the colorful ones! 
Top - Doodle Dan | Nails - Nail It!  | Shorts - Greenhills
Have a great week ahead! Keep your chin up and just smile. ♥

Mar 3, 2013

Snapshot: Random (14)

Hey! Sorry for the blog hiatus. Been really caught up with all sorts of things. Not just with school and the usual things I rant about. Anyway, enough of that. At least now I'm here. I'll try to make it up to you guys. :)
Sunday = Snapshot Day! These photos were actually taken last week when my sister-from-another-mother decided to give my doggies a visit. HAHAHA. Well, you read that right, she wanted to see le doggies and of course, catch up. This semester has been one hell of a ride and we weren't very updated with each other's lives. 
Since we were together, we came up with the Most Random Idea! I asked her to teach me how to apply make-up! Not that I don't know how to apply make-up (lipstick and eyeliner counts right? :P), I just think that i'm not really good at it. I think I need to start getting myself a set of really great products, suggestions? 
Scarf - Romwe
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 
Oh and Thanks Kapatid for this! Me loves you! ♥