Mar 4, 2013

Almost Summer

Can you feel the summer heat? We are a couple of days away from summer! And I'm soooo excited! Summer is the perfect time to catch-up with your friends who have been really busy, to eat, relax, swim, sleep and all things you can even think of. Oh summer, why do you have to last for only 2 months?! HAHAHA. 
On to my outfit, I'm definitely back! And since its summer time, brace yourselves, more casual and comfy clothes are coming. Summer is the perfect excuse to just wear the comfiest clothes. The heat can be really exhausting and you wouldn't want to miss all the fun just because you feel super hot and sweaty.
I wanted to keep my nails simple by applying this very pretty brown polish! Too bad I can't remember the name, but it's from Orly! Nail It! really has the best polishes. From the neutral shades to the colorful ones! 
Top - Doodle Dan | Nails - Nail It!  | Shorts - Greenhills
Have a great week ahead! Keep your chin up and just smile. ♥

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