Jacqueline Pequeña has always been an Optimistic Dreamer. She makes sure that she sees the positive in everything. She has always been passionate with everything that she does. She keeps the passion burning, and this has given her opportunities that she didn't even imagine herself doing. She has worked as a photographer, stylist and PR team member for Pix Republik. She has also experienced styling celebrities for music videos and films. She is also a part-time model. 

Jac graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, where she took up Bachelor of Science Major in Tourism Management. This is very far from where she is headed now. But you can never stop someone from reaching their dreams and goals in life. 

She gave birth to Vogue Esprit last October 2011. Another way to express herself and her love for fashion and photography. And because of this blog, she has been to places she could never imagine. 

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