Sep 2, 2013

Don' Let Go

I strongly believe in the saying, "Things happen for a reason." May it be meeting or losing someone, being late for a meeting, getting a new job, skipping a train and whatever you can think of. The difficult part is, you wouldn't know if it's for the better of the worst. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you should never let go of your dreams. Never! Just keep the faith and be optimistic about it.
Moving on... If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@jac_pequena) then you already know what's keeping me busy these past couple of weeks. I'm currently a freelance stylist and it can be really stressful and lakas maka-haggard! Haha. So I make sure that I wear the comfiest clothes but still remain chic and presentable. 
I'm currently addicted to all things camo! There's something about it that's so appealing. ♥ Thanks to Ms. Evan of Indie-Go Boutique for this amazing pair of jeans. :)
And since, i'll be walking around and assisting people/celebs with their clothes, I make sure that I'm wearing comfy shoes as well. :)
Pants - Indie-Go Boutique | Shoes - Solemate | Bracelet - DIY

I'm really trying to squeeze in blogging. Hope y'all understand. Have a great week ahead! 
Photos taken by Melai Entuna! Thanks! :)

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