Apr 28, 2012

Summer Shadow

Before anything else, let me explain the title. Summer Shadow was suggested by my cousin/summer buddy. I was thinking of a title, actually I thought of "Minimalist" since everything i'm wearing is on its lowest term. A plain v-neck tee + basic shorts + studded shoes. I just think that the heat is unbearable which results to this... 

Scooter Ring from a friend, Glasses Ring from SOA, Fearless bracelet from The Bead Shop,
Braided bracelets from WAGW, Watch from Tomato

Have a happy summer!

Apr 27, 2012


"Fashiolista helps you save & share your greatest fashion finds from all over the web. With our special Love button, you can save your fashion favorites from nearly every online store in one convenient place. Your personal Fashiolista profile will become the ultimate wish list of items that you love, want, or that just inspire you." -Fashiolista

My new obsession! I discovered this site a couple of hours ago and I fell in love with it! This site is breathtaking. Almost all kinds of fashionable items are here. From head to toe, you name it they have it. They also have links to the top stores that offers awesome items. Well, I can't put my happiness into words so better check it out yourself, head over to their site, but first here are some screenshots of their site. (FASHIOLISTA)
You can even narrow down the categories!
They also have contests! Go! Join some now!
Oh you can also embed blog widgets to your own site. Check out my side bar! I've added one! Enjoy Fashiolista! Follow me! Username: thejjjaaaccc

Apr 23, 2012


Flower ring from Forever 21, Watch from Tomato

Day 2! Sheer top + Shorts. Before we went home, we stopped at Tayabas Quezon. At the bottom of the place there is a brook with tons of rocks and cold water . Of course we wouldn't let that pass. We took tons of photos. But I won't post it here because it'll take forever to upload all of those.  Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I do. 

Anchors Away

Day 1! Another shirt + shorts combination. I have nothing else to say. Hahahaha. My mind stopped working. Weird huh? 
Top from Tiendesitas, Shorts from Landmark, Flats from Mossimo, Hat from BU2, Shades from Fly, Anchor Necklace from Forever 21, Watch from Tomato

Day 1 photos were taken by my cousin, Coleen! Thaaaaaank You! ♥

Night Swimming.
 The crochet top is actually my mom's. :] Used it as a cover up. And again, I have nothing else to say. All I know is we had tons of fun! 

Crochet top from my Mom's closet, Bandeau from Forever 21


Yes! I'm back. And as promised I have tons of blog posts in line. First up, the summary of the whole trip. We stayed at Dalampasigan Resort at Sariaya, Quezon. Check out their site for more info. During our stay, we enjoyed swimming in their salty beach and chlorine filled pool, but oh well, it was all worth it. On our second day, we went boating. I think we reached the center of the ocean (OA? Hahahaha.) We saw corals and tons of fishes. It was hella deep and blue. Anyway, to sum it all up, I enjoyed it a lot. I'm looking forward to more of this and less of the stressful Manila life. 

Apr 20, 2012



Outfit of the Day. Wore this at Forever 21's Grand Opening.  Summer is definitely here. Can you feel it?Yes? Good. Anyway, I'll be gone for 2 days. Well, i've been inactive lately, but when I get back I promise, I'll be as active as I can. :] Enjoy your Summer guys. Keep yourselves hydrated. (Random) 



*screams* I've been waiting for this! And today is the day. I just got home from the Forever 21 Sm North Edsa Branch Grand Opening. (Forever 21 now has 4 branches in the Philippines. Yey!) Anyway, I was just so happy. Waiting in that line gave me butterflies in my stomach. Aside from the freebies they were giving away to the "Early Birdsssss" the whole shop is just filled with awesomeness. Visit their branch! Go! Now!  
*Sorry for the crappy photos, I was panicking the whole time.*