Sep 30, 2012

Snapshot: Metal (10)

As I've said before, every Sunday is Snapshot day. Well, not most of the time, but hey, I do my best. Anyway, on to this week's snapshot. I actually got this conversation-starter necklace from Vietnam and the ring is from

Change is inevitable and i've been experiencing it. But I love change, for me change is good. It allows you to experiment and learn from them. Life is better when change comes along.  Okay, this is going nowhere. Might as well, stop now. Hahahaha.
Necklace - Vietnam | Ring - Romwe
My Vietnam Travel Diary will be posted this week, so watch out for that! :]

Sep 29, 2012

Wind Blown

3rd and Final Day in Vietnam. Oh gosh, if I could go back, I would. To everyone I met during our short stay there, Hello and See you again soon! 

When I was planning/fixing my stuff to bring to Vietnam, it came to me that on the night of our 3rd day, we will be heading to the airport and back to the Philippines. So, I made sure that I would wear something comfortable because i'll be in that same outfit from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again. 

You can never go wrong with a flowy skirt and a basic v-neck tee. 

See those little hearts? Aren't they the cutest? Have you noticed how my style has evolved? I'm now wearing girly clothes! ♥ 

Top - Bench | Skirt - Landmark | Shoes - A New Approach | Braided Bracelets & Bag - Vietnam | Flower ring - Forever 21

Oh and i'll be at Alphaland later for another Nail It!'s Branch Opening! Congratulations again to the everyone behind Nail It! See you later! ♥
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Thanks to Athina for taking my outfit photos during the trip! :*

Sep 28, 2012

Evil Sisters

Day 2 at Vietnam. Wore this super basic ensemble to our Dinner Cruise. We were asked to drift away from the basic clothes and wear dresses or skirts. And this is my take on the high-low trend.

I think this trend deserves to stay for a loooong time. It's just so dramatic and easy to wear. The lengthy part of the dress made the outfit look so put together. The basic necklace + glittery belt + glittery shoes are just bonuses. The dress can speak for itself. 

I actually got this dress from Landmark Trinoma! Yes, with a little patience and hard-work you'll find gorgeous pieces at landmark. 

Dress - Landmark | Belt & Shoes - US | Watch - NY | Ring - Romwe | Necklace - GirlShoppe

As for my title "Evil Sisters", I actually found sisters from another mother! But don't you worry, the name doesn't reflect our personalities. We are not evil, right friends? (Insert Evil Grin Here) 
Thanks for always making me laugh. Never a dull moment with you gels! ♥ :* 

Photos by Athina. Thanks Sis! 
Can't find time to draft my Vietnam Travel Diary. I'll try to do it next week. 

Sep 27, 2012


Here they are! The Vietnam posts are coming! And this is my outfit for Day 1. We actually have a batch shirt, and another shirt for the ExeCom (Executive Committee). It actually feels so great to be a part of a committee, especially when given the chance to lead one. In my case, I was asked to take charge of the documentation, hence the super comfy clothes. Anyway, these photos were taken at Suoi Tien Amusement Park. A theme park that is almost 3x bigger than Enchanted Kingdom, will post more details on my Travel Diary. 
Shorts, Sandals, Ring - Greenhills | Fearless Cuff - The Bead Shop | Watch - NY | Bag - gift

Pictures were taken at different spots. Suoi Tien is just very pretty. 
Thanks to Athina for taking my photos.
More about my Vietnam experience soon. ♥

Sep 26, 2012

Vietnam: Phone Photos

The place to be! Yes! Vietnam is an amazing country. And I miss it already! How I wish we stayed longer! Away from the super busy and stressful life we have here in Manila. It's really great to give yourself a break! So let me share to you my "Vietnam Experience" through the photos I was able to capture using my phone.

These pictures were taken before boarding the plane. 

Taken in Vietnam
1-2. We  tried their Cornetto Ice Cream. And they taste the same (ours and theirs)
3. Coke! My Favorite!
4. Veggies. Vietnamese loves 'em and I'm not even a fan. Well, I eat veggies, but not that kind. >:]
5. Pho. A must-try when you visit Vietnam.
6. Random Photo

1. Co Da's ceiling lamp. 
2. A shop that caught my eye. ♥
3-6. Photos during the convention! 
(Hello STHC friends! Thanks and I miss each and everyone of you! )

1. A candid photo before the dinner cruise.
2. Suckling Pig. Here in the Philippines, we call it Lechon!
3. A watermelon slice with a face. :)
4-6. Ben Than Market. 

1. A creepy thing. I don't know if they eat that or what, all I know is, that is scary and fascinating at the same time. 
2. Money. I have 3 different currencies in my wallet all-throughout the tour. Oh and their money is the cutest! We call it the "Monopoly Money". 
3-4. Special Edition Pepsi. It has the King of Pop, Michael Jackson printed on it. 

There you go! Vietnam through my phone. Will post more photos soon! 

Bits Shop x VE Winners

Sorry for not being able to blog. This breaks my heart, but I have a valid reason! I've been focusing on my daughter/student duties which makes it difficult for me to attend to my blogger duties! But I promise I'll do my best to attend to those duties.
Anywaaaay, TODAY IS THE DAY! The winners of my Bits Shop x VE Giveaway are...

1ST PRIZE - Bustier Top + Ring

2ND PRIZE - Floral Dress

3RD PRIZE - Poncho

Congratulations Girls!
Will contact you via Twitter and Email! 'til the next giveaway! Have a great wednesday!

Sep 20, 2012

My Heart Is...

As I've said before, i'm more of the "Youtube-Artists" Fan than the mainstream artists. I think these people deserves a break as big as Justin Bieber's. HAHAHA. Anyway, the title of this post is Tiffany Alvord's newest single (look her up in Youtube). Her song is blasting out of my earphones as I type this. 

If you've been reading my previous posts, you already know that i'll be leaving for Vietnam. Well, actually, this is a queued post. By this time, I'm already in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Having yet again, the best time of my life. 

I also thought that the title of her song is relevant to my nails. :] See that little heart on my left hand? Thanks to Ate Rochel and Ate Bea of Nail It! Greenhills! ♥
Bag - Gift | Shorts - Greenhills | Shoes - Keds | Nails - Nail It!

I promise to blog about my Vietnam trip! Which means, another Travel Diary will be posted! 
Enjoy the rest of the week. 

Sep 18, 2012


The place where these pictures were taken reminded me so much of Autumn. Yes I know, we don't have autumn here in the Philippines and I haven't experienced it yet, but c'mon we've all seen and felt autumn with the help of ...movies!  

It was actually drizzling-raining when we took these photos. I hate the fact that the rain ruined our plans! We've been looking forward to shooting in this area, we had to go all the way from Manila to Taguig then it rained. Oh well, we can always go back. 

Since we can't stand the rain anymore, we decided to go to a "drier but colder" place, Red Box Eastwood! Oh! The place to be every Saturday Night! We sang our night away, from 7pm to 12mn, NON-STOP! Yes! You read that right, we sang for 5 hours. 
Top - Borrowed | Shorts - Divi | Necklace - Girl Shoppe | Dreamer Cuff - The Bead Shop | Colorful Bracelet and Bag - Vigan | Silver-ish Ring - Romwe | Boots - BU3

Thanks to Alsph and Kevin for taking ze photos. 
Oh well, i'll be out of the country for almost 4 days. I don't know if i'll be able to queue some posts or not. So, better watch out. But if you want to get "live" updates, follow me on Twitter and Instagram = @thejjjaaaccc 

Sep 17, 2012

Bestfriend's Shirt

You read that right! I'm actually a fan of buying and wearing items from the guys' section. But wait, I didn't buy this top. This is actually my best friend's top and I stole it from him (1 year ago). HAHAHA. (Thanks Den)! 

Plaid tops are very fun to wear! I love pairing it with different pieces, and use it in different ways. In this post, I wore it as a cover-up / cardigan. Next time, i'll use this as a top. 
Plaid Shirt - Folded and Hung | Shorts - Greenhills | Bracelets - WAGW |
 Peace Necklace - Tomato | Ring - Romwe | Shoes - Converse
This is a queued post. I just had to queue some of my posts since i've been really busy with school and I can't leave my blogger duties hanging. I actually love it when I get the chance to squeeze in blogging. Blogging will always have a space in my heart (next to the people I love). Okay, this is too sappy.