Sep 11, 2012

Travel Diary: Ilocos (Days 2-4)

So, our itinerary for Days 2 and 3 is exactly the same. Okay, you might be thinking, that is pointless. Let me explain, there were 2 batches (Batch 1 = Freshmen | Batch 2 = Sophomores), and I joined both. :] So I stayed with the first batch for 2 days and spent the other 2 days with batch 2. I love the fact that I was able to visit the Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud Beach 2 times in a row! Anyway, let us start our "Virtual Tour".

DAY 2 and 3
Bangui Windmills
There are 20 windmills, each standing 230ft. high! They are lined up facing the South China Sea. Bangui Windmills = another favorite of mine. I love the fact that the windmills create such a dramatic scene. This is a great place to take pre-nuptial photos, Calle Crisologo is great too. :] 
Here are some of the souvenirs you can purchase at a very affordable price! 

Patapat Viaduct
This one's interesting! When you sing the National Anthem of the Philippines from the beginning of the bridge, you'll end the song at the end of the bridge. Was I able to explain it right? If not, just go there and sing Lupang Hinirang and see for yourself! The Patapat Viaduct also offers a breathtaking view! 

Pagudpud Beach
 Also known as the "Boracay of the North". This place is the reason why my skin turned one shade darker! I'm not complaining, I actually like it, but I need my normal color back. The beach is perfect for sunbathing, beach volleyball and other summer activities! Talk about Summer in September! Yey! 

 Sta. Monica Church
This is where Former Pres. Marcos' daughter got married, which was considered as the "wedding of the century". It is known to be the largest church in Ilocos Province and it also holds the longest aisle a church has in our country. Sadly, the church was closed when we visited it and it was drizzling. 

Day 4
Fort Ilocandia
For our last day, we went...SWIMMING! Fort Ilocandia has an Olympic-sized swimming pool! As a water-lover, I enjoyed it (well, I wasn't planning on goin' swimming, but my buddies convinced me to :] ). I miss Fort Ilocandia! Oh well, i'll see it again soon! 

Java Hotel
For our last day, we ate our lunch at Java Hotel. The place actually looks cool. The exterior looks amazing, it looks like a giant nipa hut! 

That ends my Ilocos Trip! You should visit Ilocos too! Truly an amazing city. Can't wait for more trips and fun experiences! 'Til my next travel experience!

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