Sep 15, 2012


You tell me, do I look exhausted or not? These pictures were taken, the day after I got back from Ilocos. I still look dead tired and my skiiiiiin is one shade darker! Anyway, let me just say (again) that I had tons of fun in Ilocos. I'm happy to make new friends and make good memories. 

 Since I was still tired, I came up with the simplest outfit. My fave t-shirt + shorts + sneakers, I didn't want to waste more energy thinking of a better outfit. I jazzed up my outfit with my colorful bracelets and sling bag. 
Bag and Bracelets - Vigan | Shoes - Converse 
I hope I can find more goodies in my next travel destination.
Photos taken by Alsph Liboon and Kevin Basco

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