Sep 9, 2012

Travel Diary: Ilocos (Day 1)

If you read my blog regularly, you already know about my recent trip to Ilocos. I actually went there to document the trip and take videos for our upcoming International Convention (Like our page on Facebook) in Vietnam. Do I have readers from Vietnam? If I do, please comment below! I would love to meet you! Anyway, let me act as your "Virtual Tour Guide" and take you Back to the Past. 

Bantay Church and Bell Tower

Vigan (Jollibee, Chowking, McDonald's)
My favorite: The City of Vigan. They allowed fast food chains to put up their branches here, except for one condition: they should follow the (for lack of better term) theme of the whole city, HISTORICAL. Don't you just love the exterior of these fast food chains. I actually wish that they would build the same here in Manila. 

Vigan has their own version of the Tricycle. Their tricycles look the same (as seen in the picture above), they only differ in color. Awesome huh? 

National Museum
Also known as Padre Burgos' House. Jose Burgos is one of the 3 priests who were garroted because of mutiny. His house was preserved and was converted into a museum. The pictures below will show you what you can find inside. 

Say Hello to this cute Telephone! O.O

Vigan Heritage Village (Calle Crisologo)
SHOPPING! The Vigan Heritage Village is the perfect place to do your shopping. The whole street is 95% filled with shops with awesome goodies. Aside from the great finds, the place itself is amazing. The old houses were also preserved. 

In Manila, the Jeepneys are the King of the Road. 
Well, in Vigan, the "Kalesa" Rules the Streets! Cool eh? 

I actually hate the fact that I forgot to take a picture of the whole street. Anyway, at least I was able to take a picture of the most visited area. 

Found this cute and old Iron. :]

Colorful, funky and fun bracelets. I actually bought myself some of these. :] 

Vigan Cathedral
Situated at the center of the busy and historical city. 

Ilocos Sur Capitol
The fast food chains, Heritage Village, National Museum and Vigan Cathedral can be visited by foot. :] 

The "burnay" is an earthenware jar crafted by the potter's hands. The place is actually filled with hand-made jars that come in different shapes and sizes. 

We are very lucky to see Mr. Fidel Go, owner and National Folk Artist Awardee. He even showed us how they make the jars. That moment totally blew my mind. It would be great if you see him in person too. 

Gov. Chavit's Baluarte
This place never fails to make me smile. Just to let you guys know, I love animals. I've always dreamt of being a veterinarian, but since that requires more than 4 years of studying and I can't take it when animals get hurt, I decided not to take veterinary. Anyway, the Baluarte contains different kinds of animals, some of which are shown below and some are not (donkeys, ostrich, snakes) and I'm sorry.

And this is the reason why I wasn't able to take pictures of the other animals. I was rushing to the ANIMAL SHOW! Eeeep! I really love animals! I really do! From the slimiest to the cutest (expect for cockroaches and other crawly insects). Again, I wasn't able to take pictures of the interactive animal show because I was too busy watching. >:]

A certain area is also filled with life-size dinosaur figures. I actually love the idea! It makes me want to see a live dinosaur in person. But only the nice ones, not like the dinos in Jurassic Park! 

And of course! Who wouldn't love... BIRDS! The two birds below were fighting! I don't even know why! But who cares, they still look sooooo cute! 

Paoay Church
This church was completed  in 1710. In 1993, the church was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As far as I can remember, our tour guide said that some parts of the church was built using corals. 

Fort Ilocandia
The place is truly amazing! It is the only 5 star resort/hotel/casino in Ilocos. From the exterior to the interior, everything looks well-planned and well-organized. We stayed here for almost 4 days. And it was all worth it. They even have an Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

One of the halls of Fort Ilocandia. 

Palacio de Laoag
The place where we ate our dinner. 

This is their lobby! One of the cutest and most colorful lobby I have ever seen. 

And that ends my Ilocos Day 1 tour. I will combine days 2-4 in one blog post. It will be very difficult to explain why, but I will do my best. :] 'Til next time! 

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