Sep 28, 2012

Evil Sisters

Day 2 at Vietnam. Wore this super basic ensemble to our Dinner Cruise. We were asked to drift away from the basic clothes and wear dresses or skirts. And this is my take on the high-low trend.

I think this trend deserves to stay for a loooong time. It's just so dramatic and easy to wear. The lengthy part of the dress made the outfit look so put together. The basic necklace + glittery belt + glittery shoes are just bonuses. The dress can speak for itself. 

I actually got this dress from Landmark Trinoma! Yes, with a little patience and hard-work you'll find gorgeous pieces at landmark. 

Dress - Landmark | Belt & Shoes - US | Watch - NY | Ring - Romwe | Necklace - GirlShoppe

As for my title "Evil Sisters", I actually found sisters from another mother! But don't you worry, the name doesn't reflect our personalities. We are not evil, right friends? (Insert Evil Grin Here) 
Thanks for always making me laugh. Never a dull moment with you gels! ♥ :* 

Photos by Athina. Thanks Sis! 
Can't find time to draft my Vietnam Travel Diary. I'll try to do it next week. 

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