Sep 26, 2012

Vietnam: Phone Photos

The place to be! Yes! Vietnam is an amazing country. And I miss it already! How I wish we stayed longer! Away from the super busy and stressful life we have here in Manila. It's really great to give yourself a break! So let me share to you my "Vietnam Experience" through the photos I was able to capture using my phone.

These pictures were taken before boarding the plane. 

Taken in Vietnam
1-2. We  tried their Cornetto Ice Cream. And they taste the same (ours and theirs)
3. Coke! My Favorite!
4. Veggies. Vietnamese loves 'em and I'm not even a fan. Well, I eat veggies, but not that kind. >:]
5. Pho. A must-try when you visit Vietnam.
6. Random Photo

1. Co Da's ceiling lamp. 
2. A shop that caught my eye. ♥
3-6. Photos during the convention! 
(Hello STHC friends! Thanks and I miss each and everyone of you! )

1. A candid photo before the dinner cruise.
2. Suckling Pig. Here in the Philippines, we call it Lechon!
3. A watermelon slice with a face. :)
4-6. Ben Than Market. 

1. A creepy thing. I don't know if they eat that or what, all I know is, that is scary and fascinating at the same time. 
2. Money. I have 3 different currencies in my wallet all-throughout the tour. Oh and their money is the cutest! We call it the "Monopoly Money". 
3-4. Special Edition Pepsi. It has the King of Pop, Michael Jackson printed on it. 

There you go! Vietnam through my phone. Will post more photos soon! 

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