Sep 13, 2012


Who doesn't like laces and dainty things? No one! HAHAHA. Wore this to the "Dress to Impress" themed social night. I didn't/don't dress to impress. So I decided to wear, yet again, another comfy ensemble. I was going to take pictures the whole night, so I can't risk having a peek-a-boo moment. This lace top has appeared in my blog for a couple of times, I just love the fact that it's so versatile. 

The chandelier is really beautiful.It adds an ooomph effect to the pictures! How I wish I have one here at home. HAHAHA. 
Top - BU 3 | Shorts - Bazaar | Flower Ring - Forever 21 | Orange Necklace - Bits Shop | Gold Necklace - BU3 (Camille Co) | Bracelets - Vigan
Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera doesn't fancy taking pictures at night. 
Thanks again to Lui OrdoƱo for taking my photos

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