Sep 18, 2012


The place where these pictures were taken reminded me so much of Autumn. Yes I know, we don't have autumn here in the Philippines and I haven't experienced it yet, but c'mon we've all seen and felt autumn with the help of ...movies!  

It was actually drizzling-raining when we took these photos. I hate the fact that the rain ruined our plans! We've been looking forward to shooting in this area, we had to go all the way from Manila to Taguig then it rained. Oh well, we can always go back. 

Since we can't stand the rain anymore, we decided to go to a "drier but colder" place, Red Box Eastwood! Oh! The place to be every Saturday Night! We sang our night away, from 7pm to 12mn, NON-STOP! Yes! You read that right, we sang for 5 hours. 
Top - Borrowed | Shorts - Divi | Necklace - Girl Shoppe | Dreamer Cuff - The Bead Shop | Colorful Bracelet and Bag - Vigan | Silver-ish Ring - Romwe | Boots - BU3

Thanks to Alsph and Kevin for taking ze photos. 
Oh well, i'll be out of the country for almost 4 days. I don't know if i'll be able to queue some posts or not. So, better watch out. But if you want to get "live" updates, follow me on Twitter and Instagram = @thejjjaaaccc 

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