Sep 6, 2012

Bad For Me (Part 1)

And yes! I'm back and alive! As promised, here it is! I've shown you guys the sneak peek of my 3 looks (1,2,3) and now, it's time to show you guys the "real deal".

Rugged : Top - Dad's Closet | Cross Necklace - Anastasia Siantar | Studded Bracelet - Ava Te's Booth (BU3) | Braided Bracelets - WAGW | Green Cuff - The Bead Shop | Shorts - DIY 
Denim : Hand cuffs & Moustache Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts | Bracelets - Greenhills
All Things Girly : Corset - Bits Shop | Necklace - Camille Co's Booth (BU3) | Shoes - Figliarina (Gift) | Rings - Forever 21

My photographer friend actually requested my first set. Well, rugged or whatever you call that style, isn't really my thing. But since I love trying/experimenting with new stuffs, I gave it a shot. I actually love how the pictures turned out! Thanks Guys!
Photos were taken by Kevin Basco


  1. Love the photos! And the location is perfect!

  2. I like your style! The denim dress is very cute!
    Would you like to follow each other?