Jul 9, 2012

Woot Woot!

So, last Saturday, I along with some of my closest friends went on a movie date. We watched the Amazeballs Spiderman. The movie is truly amazing because of two reasons. 1. The effects are much better compared to the other one and 2. Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield in one huge screen is beyond amazing! This simple celebration took me away from my busy school life. Wooh! 

And of course, that trip to Nail It! Salon made everything much, much better! Just look at those fancy nails. Aren't they amazing? Again, those are hand-drawn by Ate Bea of Nail It! Greenhills!
Nails - Nail It! | Fearless Bracelet - The Bead Shop | Hand Cuff Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts | Blue Necklace - AI Online Shop | Watch - from a friend (N.Y.) | Shorts - Divisoria | Ring - Greenhills
Oh and the title! Woot Woot! I don't even know why I keep on saying that phrase, or where I got that. I just find it catchy! HAHAHA! Repetition is Catchy! >:]

Anyway, thanks to everyone who greeted me! (via Text, Twitter or FB!) You just made my day extra special! Melovesy'all! Fist Bump + Virtual Hugs and Kisses! 
Photos taken by Alsph Liboon