Jul 21, 2012

Good Time

Oooh. The weather is so mean. Makes me want to sleep all day. Must.Stop.My.Self.From.Staying.In.Bed. Anyway, wore this to a shoot we had for a school 
project. I decided to wear sleeveless sheer button down top + pants, (a comfy outfit) because I will be  moving a lot. I also wore minimal accessories. Woot Woot. 
Don't you just love the lace detail? It' screams GIRLY! ♥
Tip: if you are a little conservative, try wearing a tank top under your sheer top. 
Try light colored camis , it works better than dark/colored ones. 
And here is my take on the Hipster Nail Art! >:] Thanks Ate Bea! :] 
 Another thing! I tried Nail It! Salon's Eyelash Extensions and guess what? It isn't that difficult to manage and I didn't regret getting them! Plus it gives your eyes that dramatic effect. You don't have to curl and add mascara to your lashes everyday! Get yours done now at any Nail It! Branch. 
*Done by Ate Nalyn, Nail It! Greenhills Branch*
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Top - Greenhills | Nails & Eyelash Extensions - Nail It! Salon | Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts
 Oh! And I've announced my VE x Love & Sale x Dolled Up Manila Giveaway winners! Check here. Congrats Dearies! 


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