Mar 5, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar

SuperSale Bazaar (from March 2-4)! I went there last March 3, Saturday. Before going in, I felt super excited because during their last bazzar which was held last November 4, all of my expectations were fulfilled! Thanks to the awesome SUPERSALE BAZZAR TEAM! Also, thanks to Deal Dozen for the free passes. :] Oh, you can Follow The SuperSale Bazaar Team on Twitter (HERE) and Like them on Facebook (HERE) and Deal Dozen (Twitter, Facebook)for more updates! Enjoy the pics!
Deal Dozen
Holic Accessories
Island Girl
Purpektion Shop
Trunk Show
Lissa Kahayon's Booth

All these shops deserve a two thumbs up! From the incredible setting of their booth to the reasonable prices! Hope to work with you soon! :] 


  1. Oh, I wasn't able to visit ms. Lissa K. store.. I was too shy to go there.. haha! anyway, will post my experience about ssb at wtc! It was a fun weekend, I must say. And also, if you have time, Please join my birthday giveaway contest! I'll see you there.

    1. I wasn't able to talk to her too. I also felt super shy. Hope to meet you soon maria! :]

  2. Jac! Can't believe I actually forgot about SuperSale Bazaar! I was planning on going there and stopping by the stall of Sophie's Mom. I've been craving for their red velvet cupcakes and their mochi ice cream. I was too busy that time. Sucks. You should definitely inform me if you're going to a bazaar or what-not. Maybe we can go together. :D

    Renee J.

    1. Wahahaha. Sophie's Mom! I haven't tried any of their products, YET. Yes, that's a super nice idea. And if ever you'll go on a bazaar or any blogger-event, inform me! Yey! Hope to see you soon chun! :]

  3. Too bad I didn't go to supersale. HUHU

    1. Waaaa. Why? Well, let's just hope there will be a next time. And i know there will be. :]