Feb 14, 2013

Snapshot: Hearts Day (13)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Everyone! How's your day? Hope you're having a great time. Today is the day of LOVE! So, let's just enjoy this special day and think blissful thoughts. 

To make this day extra special, I actually prepared a very dainty Snapshot for all the lovely ladies out there. I know I've posted a Snapshot that is actually similar to this. But I just can't think of anything else that is relatable to this day. So pardon the lack of ideas. Hating is not allowed today! HAHAHA. Show me some love people! :P 
Anyway, I'm again donning my Camille Co Necklace and this extremely pretty ring from Tarte (Thanks Stacey!). It gives the look the additional "girly vibe". Oh and who here loves jumpers/sweaters? The newest addition to my closet! The lace covered bunny is just so cute!  I know the print can't be seen clearly through these photos, but I promise I'll post a more decent outfit post wearing this sweater.

And of course, my Vday Nails! I know this doesn't look anything close to this event, but I wanted it to be different. It's actually a mix of girly and edgy! I mixed the animal print with the past trend - the cross. The dots are just bonuses. I didn't want to leave the other nails looking blank and boring.  Thanks to Ate Len of Nail It! ♥ For more Nail Art ideas and Nail care tips, follow Nail It! on Instagram - @nail_it_salon
Necklace - Camille Co  |  Sweater - Romwe  | Ring - Tarte

So, just enjoy this day and make it memorable! Let the people you like/love know your true feelings. In that case... 
Happy Valentine's Day Patrick! I love you to the moon and back, ♥

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