Nov 30, 2012

Love At First Sight

"Let us not go to the past, I don't live there anymore."
THIS. A quote I read somewhere. I can say that my life has changed, a lot. Not that I regret anything that happened in the past, it's just that, the present is much better. Well, everyday, life gets better and better. 2012 has been really nice to me, really, really, really nice. And I hope 2013 will be as awesome as this year.

Anyway, onto my outfit. One day, I woke up and suddenly, I wanted to wear a skirt. Which is weird. I'm not really a fan of skirts (well, I'm slowly turning into one), but I wanted to try something different. Plus, I was wearing wedges! Yey for change! 
Remember my mom's hand-me-down bag from this post? It was really love at first sight. And you'll definitely see this baby for 68376534 more times. :)
Anchor Necklace - Forever 21 | Bag - Hand-me-down (mom's) | Wedges - Bata (from my Aunt) 

Oh and thanks to my Aunt for giving me these pair of ultra comfy wedges. :) 
Christmas is right around the corner! Who's excited? Well, I am! This year's Christmas is going to be amazing. <3

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