Nov 4, 2012

Mick Jagger

Before anything else, let me Thank Mamang Jhem for the shirt! Well, she sorta gave this shirt to me during our Vietnam trip, or maybe she didn't. HAHAHA. Thanks anyway! ♥ I miss and love you! 

There's something about statement shirts that fascinates me. Oh and I have nothing against Mick Jagger. He is a legend. But this shirt is just awesome and pardon the F word on the shirt. 

You'll see me wear this shirt again because I'm currently obsessed with it. I might do a post on how to dress up and dress down a basic statement shirt. So, watch out for that. 

Another obsession! This Neon Green Necklace from is... too-awesome-for-words.
Top - from Jhem | Shorts - Greenhills | Necklace - Romwe | Boots - BU2 | Ombre Glasses - BU3 | Watch - Tomato |
Spikes bracelet and ring - Two K's Closet | Gold Bracelet - DIY
Wore this to another trip to one of my fave places to go to when I'm too stressed out. Can you guess where that is? Well, of course, Nail It! Where else would I go? ♥ Everything there is just serene! Perfect for someone who needs some "me time".

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  1. Isusumbong kita kay Mick! Hahaha! Hindi mo pala kilala si Mick ah. :)) Chos.