Nov 20, 2012

Make A Statement

As promised, here it is. A way to dress up a boring statement shirt. I, myself is a self-confessed shirt addict. Aside from the comfort it gives, it's just very easy to wear and you can actually pair it with anything. So here are two ways on how to wear your statement shirts (or any kind of shirt). Oh and meet my twin sister! (LOL, i'm just kidding. :P )
My first look is very rocker-ish. I wanted to go with what the shirt says: "Little Miss Rockstar". I got this shirt 4 years ago and I usually wear this with just a pair of jeans. And since, my style has evolved and I learned how to experiment, I came up with this. By adding a statement necklace, fedora hat and some spike-y bracelets, the boring outfit turned into something fun and quirky. 
I even wore this biker/motorcycle jacket to add more spunk and rocker vibe. The trick to spicing up a boring outfit is to pile on some trendy accessories, work with layering your clothes and wear killer shoes. Well, I don't actually own a pair of killer shoes (ehem, ehem!), so I just sticked with my ever-so-trusted pumps. 

Since my first outfit was very dark, I decided to give the second look some colors (or maybe, tons of it). This denim jacket has been with me for years. My grandmother gave it to me... i-can't-even-remember-when. And I love the fact that it still fits me. The stitches are done in different colors which makes this denim jacket very unique and cute at the same time. 
By tucking in my shirt under this high-waisted shorts, it gave it that girly-vibe. Plus, I added a braided belt to cinch in my waist. Since the main idea of this outfit is to inject and give the boring look an added oomph, I decided to wear my studded green flats. 
Top - Penshoppe | Biker Jacket - BU (Patricia Prieto's) | Orange and Blue Spikes Bracelet - Greenhills | Cross Necklace - BU (Anastasia Siantar's) | Pumps - Aldo | Rings and Earrings - Romwe | Nails - Nail It! Salon | 

Statement Shirts doesn't always have to be boring, you can always mix and match different things to make a trendier outfit. If you're like me who loves to mix comfort and style, these tips will really be helpful. Remember to invest in great pieces, those that you think will last. 

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