Nov 2, 2012

Lee Cooper (PFW)

About a week a go, the most coveted week about fashion happened again. I really didn't expect that I would get the chance to watch even a single show. But all thanks to Mother Divine Lee and Jasmin for the invite. The show that I watched was Lee Cooper's. Truth be told, I didn't know how this brand's clothes looked like, but oh my, from the moment the models started strutting their stuff, my eyes were glued to the models and I even gave some of the models the "head-to-toe" look. Okay, enough of the blabbering, here are the photos from the show. 

Awesome Set-up! 

The first batch of models came out wearing skates! Isn't that amazing? Well, for me it is and I thought the idea was really cool. Kudos to whoever thought of that! 

During the show, some singers came out. It was a "Victoria's Secret-ish" kind of show. ♥ 

Since Lee Cooper was showcasing their S/S Collection (correct me if I'm wrong), they showed these abso-freaking-lutely cute and trendy clothes. The colors and the styling was really great! 

OMBRE! If you've been really reading my blog, you would know how much I love OMBREEE! And when I saw these clothes, my jaw-dropped and I was speechless. 

Skater Girls and Boys! I've always wanted to learn how to use a skateboard (by use, I mean with tricks and all that stuff). And if that time comes that I would be skateboarding, this is how I would look like minus the heels. :]

There's something about these clothes, it calms me down. Maybe it's because of the neutral tones used.

Who here doesn't love DENIM? Brace yourselves, cause I know you'll love these pieces as much as I did. All of the clothes are trendy and chic! ♥ Specially the 2nd photo, denim + lace = Heaven! 

And of course! Mother Divine Lee with Victor Basa! ♥ 

Yes! Bamboo performed! I love Bamboo! (Fan-girl Mode: ON!) And now I'm speechless. I wanna hear you sing again! Waaaa. 

And here's what I wore. More about this on my next post. ♥

Thanks Again to Jasmin and Mother Divine Lee! ♥ See you again soon!
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