Nov 29, 2012

Travel Diary: Vietnam (Day 3)

After 2 months ++ , finally, the final part of our Vietnam Travel Diary is here. The third day is composed of various trips to Vietnam's shops, Museums and other tourist spots within the city. Since it was our last day, we wanted to keep it very relaxed and memorable. Well, the first two days were as memorable as the last. Would you believe me if I tell you, I can still remember everything that happened during our stay there? No? Well, you should, because I really can. Anyway, Virtual Tourist Mode: On! 

First stop was the Lacquerware Factory. This place amazed me. The talented and patient people of Vietnam blew my mind. 
Would you believe me if I tell you, that artwork below is actually made of eggshells? Cool huh? 
Yey for Jollibee! Didn't get the chance to try it tho. 
Next stop: War Remnants Museum. 
I'm not really a history-buff, but I really find museums interesting. The War Remnants museum holds exhibits relating to the Vietnam war, specifically the American phase. I won't explain each photo since, it can speak for itself. 

This one made me scream. Well, it wasn't that loud. HAHAHA. It also gave me goosebumps. I think this is how the Vietnamese were tied up during the war. 
Another torture-related-thingy. 

And the ever-so-famous, Guillotine. I don't know if that's the one that they actually used, but still, it looks so deadly. 

After the museum (that gave us mixed emotions), next stop: Vincom Center - which is a mall. Their mall is very different from ours. There is a park in front of the mall and it's super clean. 

Photos below: random things that caught my attention.

Next stop: Notre-Dame Basilica 
Too bad, we weren't able to go inside, mass was on-going. But hey, I bet the inside looks as awesome as the outside (Optimism: ON). 
And across the street is their post office. 
Upon entering, my jaw dropped, because in some way, this kinda reminded me of Harry Potter. I don't even know why that thought popped in my random brain. >:P
Then the City Hall. Nothing special, aside from the fact that it looks so darn cool. HAHAHA. 
SPOT ZE RAINBOOOOW! I'm a sucker for rainbows. I just love theeem.
Sunset has passed, and that's the very beautiful Opera House. Too bad, we weren't able to watch or at least enter it. :/ 
Across the Opera House, is the Opera View Mall. 
Cool display by LV. ♥
After the short-but-sweet city tour, we went Mall hopping. 
There were actually 3 malls situated beside each other. Woot woot. 
So, if we have baggage counters, they have lockers! Customers aren't allowed to bring their bags inside the grocery, you can only bring your wallet and other valuable stuff. but you can't bring in your bag. 
And since i'm a self-confessed, Coca-Cola addict, I didn't want to let this trip end without seeing a bottle. And luckily, I was able to spot these cute looking bottles! 
After the short-trip to the grocery, it's...Dinner Time! We went back to Vincom Center and ate a very scrumptious dinner at Ngo. 
After eating, we had tons of free time left, so again, we wandered around the mall. Oh and on our way back to Vincom, we saw this! Our Vietnam experience is for the books but, It's More Fun in the Philippines!
A little treat for our very nice tour guide. 

Vietnam is really beautiful. They have clean streets, people who never gets tired of smiling and places that would take your breath away. I would love to go back to Vietnam or maybe visit another country. I would love to see the whole world and create new memories. Memories like the ones we made in Vietnam. Those that will make you smile every time it decides to pop-up in your mind. ♥ Hopefully, if the world won't end this December (HAHAHA!), i'd get the chance to travel the whole, wide world next year. ♥

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