Nov 6, 2012

You Won't Let Me

How can I forget about this! As I was cleaning my files (OC Mode: ON), I came across these set of photos. These were taken after a shoot. Will show you the photos, once they're released! 
My title = another line from a song I'm currently obsessed with, Wings by Cimorelli. This songs reminds me that someone is there for me. For the past couple of days, I was at my "lowest low". Too much negative stuffs were entering my mind, good thing my positiveness rises above all the pessimism. Optimistic Dreamer here, beybeee! :P  Thanks to those who sent me messages! You guys know who you are and...I love y'all. ♥
My closet is being invaded by printed stuff. Let's just say I'm slowly, falling in love with prints. ♥
As much as I would love to buy tons of bustier tops, I'm trying to stop myself from doing such thing. Well, truth-be-told, it doesn't really suit my body type. But when my first laid eyes on this top from Romwe, I knew that I need and want this in my closet. And when I got it, I didn't regret a thing. The print is (for the lack of better term) very modern. 
Pretty Nail Polish color to match my outfit. Thanks Nail It! for always taking care of my tips and making 'em look beautiful. ♥

Top - Romwe | Heels - Figliarina (from Mara) | Necklace - Vietnam |
Remember, someone is there for you. When you're at your "lowest low", i'll be here for you! ♥ 
Photos were taken my Melai Entuna! Thanks Melai! I miss you! :*
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  1. Great color, the neclace is beautiful.