Nov 17, 2012

Travel Diary: Vietnam (Day 2)

How can I even forget about this? Oh how I hate myself for being super late. Well, to avoid another one like so, I'll queue the Travel Diary for Day 3 right after this. Anyway, ze "Virtual Tour Guide" is back! Let's get started! 

So, our second day is actually our convention day. I might have told you this before (or not), we actually went there to conduct a convention which is a part of a requirement for a subject. Which means, this post will show you less of Vietnam's Tourist spots but more of how their school runs. We went to STHC - SaigonTourist Hospitality College. And wow, their school is super clean and well-organized. We were welcomed by their own version of "Tinikling", I didn't know that they have tinikling too. Cool huh? 
 When everyone was settled, the program started. Amazing performances by the talented students of STHC welcomed us. 
 Just look at these pretty ladies. All of 'em are from STHC and they showcased their National Costumes and Dresses. 
 I wouldn't discuss much about our convention. But after the half-day convention, some students of STHC turned themselves into tour guides and showed us their campus. They actually have a Practice Travel Agency, Practice Hotel, Bakery, Restaurant, Laundry Room and more. The pictures below shows the best towel folding I have ever seen (specially the swans!). Kudos to whoever made this!
After the tour, we went back to the convention hall, ate our lunch and bid our goodbyes. As usual, it was sad, but we exchanged e-mail adds and of course, Facebook usernames were asked to keep the communication going. After bidding our farewell, we went to the temple. I can't actually remember the name. Sorry! :]
Last stop was the ever-so-famous Reunification Palace. 
Upon heading back to the hotel, we rested for awhile, then went to our Dinner Cruise. (See what I wore, HERE.) Scrumptious food were served. I actually forgot to take pictures of 'em since I was hungry and they looked very delicious so, I just ate the night away.  

That's it for Vietnam Day 2! Oh and sorry for being MIA lately. 
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Enjoy the weekend!

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