Oct 1, 2012


Remember my post about coming back from Ilocos, how lazy I felt and how tired I was, well, I felt those again when I got back from Vietnam, hence the lazy clothes. The only thing that differs the two from each other is that my heart is super happy when I got back from Vietnam. I'm not saying that I wasn't happy when I got back from Ilocos, but Vietnam was super different, maybe because it was my first time there. 

Travelling is something I will never get tired of. I don't care if I would look like this whenever I get back from somewhere, travelling gives me too much joy to resist. 
Bag, B&W Bracelet and Sandals - Vietnam | Green Braided Bracelet - WAGW | Fearless Cuff - The Bead Shop | Watch - NY | Peace Necklace - Tomato 
Sorry for the stressed-out vibe of the photos. 


  1. Hi there!

    just stumbled upon your blog through lookbook. you have a great style!
    maybe we can follow each other?

    let me know! following you already on GFC

    1. Sure! Will definitely follow you back! :]