Oct 5, 2012

Little Ms. Backpack

I'm a big fan of comfort and all things related to it. I love wearing clothes that allows me to go cray cray. Don't you just love it when you get to move around freely and easily? Oh well, I think this post will show my love for comfort. 

Yes! I'm Little Ms. Backpack. I'd choose backpacks over body bags, well maybe not at all times. HAHAHA. But hey, it adds comfort to the whole thing. You just have to put the straps over your shoulders and you're good to go. Okay, another senseless thing to point out. Please excuse my weirdness. >:]

Thanks again to Ate Emmie of Nail It! Centris for doing my nails! I love it to bits! ♥
Plaid Top - Gift | Shorts - Greenhills | Sandals and Wallet - Vietnam | Bracelets - WAGW |
Arrow Down Necklace - Personalized Accessories | Hand Cuffs Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts |
Backpack - Kipling (Vietnam) | Nail Art - Nail It!
My mind is currently empty. I've got nothing else to say but, Have a Great Day! 

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