Oct 2, 2012

Travel Diary: Vietnam (Day 1) Part 1/3

Here it is! My Vietnam Travel Diary. Again, i'll be your "virtual tour guide", i'll show you the beauty of Vietnam through...Photos! My Vietnam Travel Diary for Day 1 is divided into 3 parts. This is because our itinerary for day 1 is just cray cray. We went to Suoi Tien Theme Park and Cu Chi Tunnel, and if I put all of them in one post, this will be the longest blog ever. So, yeah, let's get started! 

Starting off with our chosen airline, Cebu Pacific! Cebu Pacific offers affordable yet classy services. So, why bother spending too much when you can get the same service for a lower price? :] 

Upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat International Airport at Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, I felt "Tourist-y" and took photos of everything! I even took a photo of their trash bin!  

And now... Food! This is what I love about travelling, BUFFET all the waaay (Oooh, that rhymed)! We stayed at Le Duy Hotel and I can say that their breakfast is the best! 

Vietnam's streets is filled with motorcycles. There were motorcycles everywhere, and you might not believe this but, I saw a lady wearing a cocktail dress + stilettos while riding a motorcycle. Cool huh? 

That's it for Part 1! Will post parts 2 and 3 soon. Better watch out for that! 

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